The first passenger drone of Polish production. You can have it for $ 92,000

The Jetson company, founded by Tomasz Patan and his colleague Peter Ternström, will soon deliver the first passenger drones to customers. The constructors have shared a video showing how the vehicle copes while flying through the woods.

According to the manufacturer’s website, the first designs will be delivered to customers as early as next year. What’s more, the drone is so popular that it is impossible to order a copy of it as part of next year’s production.

Polish construction

Although Jetson is a Swedish company, Tomasz Patan, who is also the co-founder of the company, is responsible for the main engineer responsible for the construction of the drone. He is also the drone pilot, which we can admire in the next demonstration video made available on the YouTube channel.

The entire drone weighs 86 kilograms and is able to fly at a speed of 102 km / h. Technicians note that the maximum weight of the pilot must not exceed 95 kg. The vehicle can fly for 20 minutes and it only takes an hour to charge it at 220V.

Vehicle price

A complete kit for assembling your drone costs 92,000 dollars. The vehicle is delivered as a semi-assembled structure which the customer has to assemble by himself. Jetson reports that the kit includes everything a customer needs to create a drone: from an aluminum space frame to motor controllers, propellers and motors, to detailed building instructions.

People interested in owning their drone must pay a deposit of $ 22,000 to reserve the crew’s time to create and build it. At the time of writing, there are three more slots left for the delivery of the drone in 2023.

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