The former kadrowicz has reservations about Adam Nawałka on Robert Lewandowski. “Lost potential”

Kamil Kosowski spoke about the possible return of Adam Nawałka to the Polish national team. The former footballer indicated his reservations about this coach.

Nawałka was the coach of the Polish national team in 2013-2018. Now he is the main favorite to replace Paulo Sousa.

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During his first term in office, Nawałka created a few non-obvious players. Important roles in his representation were played by, for example, Krzysztof Mączyński or Michał Pazdan. Kosowski has reservations about the way the 64-year-old used Robert Lewandowski.

– On the other hand, looking at the best Polish footballer, it seems to me that his potential was lost at some point – assessed Kosowski in “Przegląd Sportowy”.

The former team member points out that while Lewandowski shone in qualifying or friendly matches, he did not shine at Euro 2016 and the 2018 World Cup.

– Our team was not prepared then to lead Robert and guarantee him a large number of goals. In my opinion it was a mistake and it translated into Lewy’s result in big tournaments. Only under the leadership of Paulo Sousa for Euro 2020 the entire team was positioned under our captain, which resulted in three goals in three matches – summed up Kosowski.

Columnist “PS” hopes that this time Nawałka would find a better idea to use Lewandowski, and he would become “the forward cannon against which the rivals would tremble”.

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