The former player of Legia Warszawa and Wisła Kraków admits: I sold this match

The player, who in the past represented the colors of Legia Warszawa and Wisła Kraków, Grzegorz Szeliga recently published an entry in which he admitted that he took part in selling the match of both teams from the 1992/1993 season.

June 20, 1993 is one of the most controversial moments in the history of the highest league in Poland. It was then that the teams of Wisła Kraków and Legia Warszawa faced each other as part of the last round of the first league (now Ekstraklasa).

Before this round, both “Wojskek” and ŁKS Łódź had 46 points in the league table and there was a correspondence match for the lead in Poland.

Therefore, “White-red-white” defeated Olimpia Poznań 7-1, while the team from the capital dealt with “White Star” and won 6-0. As a result, the title was to go to the capital.

Ultimately, however, it did not happen, because the Polish Football Association canceled the results of both matches, despite the fact that it proved nothing to anyone. As a result, the Polish championship for the 1992/1993 season went to Lech Poznań, and the first two teams were not allowed to participate in European cups.

Over the last three decades, the topic of this match has returned to the public debate like a boomerang. For example, Legia Warszawa still cannot come to terms with the federation’s verdict and assigns itself one more title than officially stated.

In recent days, however, new threads appeared. Grzegorz Szeliga, a former player of “Military” and Wisła Kraków, gave a new light on the matter. It was in the latter of these teams that he played in that match. Last Friday, he posted a post on Facebook in which he admitted selling that match.

“I, Grzegorz Szeliga, sold the Legia – Wisła game in 1993. I want to be punished. I apologize to the fans of Legia and Wisła, ”he wrote on Facebook.

The 53-year-old, who is struggling with cancer, as he said in an interview for TVP Sport, will not face any consequences. The provision on corruption in sport was not included in the criminal code until 2003.

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