The French city of Pregnan and Coral di Calatrava cement their engagement on the 25th anniversary of their engagement

With the aim of sealing the existing friendship and promoting cooperation and cultural exchange, the two cities have decided to plant a total of 25 vines and an olive tree as a symbol of their union and fruitful cooperation.

The event, which was attended by residents of both cities and their respective mayors, Jérôme Lesarre de Pregnan and Andrés Cárdenas de Corral, was a special moment that highlighted the importance of friendship and mutual understanding between the municipalities. Since their establishment as sister towns more than two decades ago, Preignan and Coral di Calatrava have worked together on various projects and activities to promote the social and cultural development of their neighbors.

Vines and olive trees are planted in an area of ​​700 square meters called “Camino de la Pilgrimage” baptized as “Vinedo Fraternidad” where several table grape vines are planted: Cardinal, Danuta , Exalta, Chasselas and Muscatel. The plantation symbolizes the commitment of both the cities for mutual cooperation for exchange of knowledge and experiences, in the hope that the twin alliance will prosper, strengthen unity and cultural diversity.

Last Thursday some thirty French residents arrived in Corle de Calatrava, who are staying at the private homes of several families in Corleña this weekend. Yesterday they had the opportunity to visit the prehistoric site of Motila d’Azure in Damiel and in the night they celebrated a grand dinner with an exchange of gifts and a very special and emotional memory for the former mayor of the city, Fran Pascal Mercier, Recently deceased. In speeches, representatives of each municipality valued and defended the alliance of the two cities as a positive influence for their neighbors, as a bridge to promote peace.

The presidents of Twinning, Esmeralda Bordes de Pregnán and Mari Paz Nieto de Corral, reaffirmed their commitment to promote this cultural and knowledge exchange, opening up opportunities for social development on both sides.

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