The “gallant” Drake heat about Kylie Jenner: “It’s just chicken on the side. I’ve had 20 just like her”

The personal life of members family family kardashian from years is of great interest of the tabloids. For anybody not a secret that the famous sisters and their business and a mother willing to share with the world by their actions in social networks and in family reality show. Celebrities often leave, however, for myself the details of your life, emotional.

Recently media live interest in Affairs of the heart Kylie Jenner. In October celebrytka made the relationship with the father of her daughter, Travis Scott. Shortly after the breakup there were rumors that the 22-year-old woman found comfort in the arms of another rapper Drake. The pair had the opportunity to celebrate together during the birth of the music – according to witnesses, the rapper and Jennerka opening flirted and retreated a step.


Some time later, Drake and Kylie again had fun in his company during halloweenowego techniques that mom little Stormi she left in the early morning.


Recently, the rumors about the alleged affair Drake and Kylie abated. Recently the nature of their relationship, he decided to comment on the rapper himself.

On Wednesday, the Canadian organized instagramową relationship live. In the program he decided to give fans a snippet previously unpublished songs recorded with rapper Future. Quite unexpectedly, the lyrics appeared the mention of Kylie Jenner.

However, if liczyliście for a romantic Declaration of love, we will be a little disappointing. In response Drake zaserwował the world the recognition that Jennerka was only a one-time adventure.

(…) Kylie Jenner is just a chick on the side/Yes, I was 20 pier****governmental Kylie – gallant said in his song rapper.


It quickly became clear that 22-year-old billionaire was not the only celebrity on the song Drake. The musician in this context he also referred to her sister Kendall and Gigi Hadid.

Yes, I had 20 fucking Kendall/Young slender Hotties on time/Yes, I was 20 pier****governmental Gigi – continued Drake.

Shortly after the transfer, the rapper, but decided to apologize to the fans through your instagramowego profile. Drake admitted that the song was recorded years ago and never intended to offend anyone.

The song, which was released during yesterday’s broadcast live, should not be restored. This is the track that leaked 3 years ago, and shortly after that was rejected (…) The last thing I wanted to do is to show any of my friends or respect (…) wrote on InstaStory rapper.


Do you think Kylie will appreciate his words?


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