The girl from Stillwater film, plot, actors, cast, ending, where filmed, location

A girl falsely accused of murder seeks justice through her father.

Sky Cinema One offers today the film entitled The Girl from Stillwater. It is a drama film with a thriller atmosphere.

The production is of the United States of America. The year of realization is 2021 and the duration is two hours and 20 minutes.

The Girl from Stillwater film actors

The girl from Stillwater film – director, protagonists, where it is shot

Directed by Tom McCarthy. Main protagonists are Bill Baker And Virginia interpreted respectively by Matt Damon And Camille Cottin. Also in the cast Abigail Breslin in the role of Allison Baker.

Filming took place in Americaespecially a Stillwater and neighboring locations in the territory ofOklahoma.

The production is of 3dot productions in collaboration with Amblin Partners And Anonymous content.

The film is internationally known under the title Stillwater.

The Girl from Stillwater film where it is filmed

The girl from Stillwater – plot of the film broadcast on Sky Cinema Uno

The plot has as its protagonist Bill Baker, a temporarily unemployed drilling worker. He carries out his activity, occasionally, in the hometown of Stillwater in Oklahoma.

Bill Baker he has a daughter named Allison which is located at Marseille. Here she had moved for study reasons. But she was later arrested on charges of murdering her roommate with whom she, by the way, she was also having an affair with.

Bill to find Allison who delivers to the father a letter addressed to the lawyer of the part. In the letter Allison he explains that the real killer may be a boy named Akim.

The lawyer does not feel like resuming the investigation based only on assumptions. Bill, not to displease his daughter, tells her that the lawyer is continuing the investigation. In the meantime, however, she sets out to search for Akim helped by Virginiaa stage actress known in the hotel.

Bill goes in search of him when one night he is attacked by a group of thugs. The leader of the boys was none other than Akim. Bill asks him if he has something to confess but the boy denies.

Allison she is furious about what happened, as her father told him by going to see her again in prison. Bill however, he is determined to get his daughter out of prison with a clean criminal record.

Final spoiler

Meanwhile, the man is tied to Virginia and to the daughter Maya. And Allison he obtained a premium permit to leave prison once a month. And the first time she spends a pleasant day with her father. Everything seems resolved but the same evening Allison attempts suicide. A few days later Bill find again Akim. She manages to follow him, kidnap him and tie him up in the cellar where she lives. She cuts off a lock of hair for the test DNA.

Akim turns out guilty, because the test was successful and framed him. But all is not as it appears. There will be one last decisive twist.

The girl from Stillwater final film

The Girl from Stillwater: The Complete Cast

Below is the cast of the film The Girl from Stillwater and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Matt Damon: Bill Baker
  • Camille Cottin: Virginia
  • Abigail Breslin: Allison Baker
  • Lilou Siavaud: Maya
  • Deanna Dunagan: Sharon
  • William Nadylam: Patrick
  • Idir Azougli: Akim
  • Anne LeNy: Leparq
  • Moussa Maaskri: Dirosa

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