The Google Call Filter arrives in Italy: how it works and how to activate it

It was one of the characteristics of the Pixel that the Italians envied the most, that of being able handle incoming calls virtually alone, like a virtual secretary capable of preventing annoyances from reaching us. It was a feature that we envied but that we no longer envy, because now this possibility exists also in our country.

As confirmed by the company, the Call filter can also be activated in Italy starting from the end of October, according to Google “on all Pixel phones and some Android phones”: as always, the roll-out phase will be predictably long, so the option may not necessarily be immediately visible to everyone and everywhere (we noticed it on day 24).

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How to activate the Pixel Call Filter

The Call Filter goes somehow to add to the excellent spam filter which have virtually all Android phones and which recognizes probable call center calls by itself. Only it can be applied to all incoming calls.

It always activates switching from the Phone app Google: click on the 3 dots at the top right, click on Settings and then click Call filter (or on Spam and Call Filter). Important: it just works if the option is active Caller ID and spamwhich is the one just below.

From the menu Call filterthe only change currently feasible is the choice of voice who will answer in our place, which can be male or female.

The first part of our test call: to the person & egrave;  was asked to say the purpose of the phone call

The first part of our test call: The person was asked to tell the purpose of the call

How Pixel Call Filter works

We wrote “that it will answer for us” because the Call Filter does exactly this: when the phone rings, whether the number is in the phonebook or notin addition to the usual possibilities Refuse And Answers it also appears Filter call.

If you press it, the caller hears a recorded voice that informs that “the person you contacted uses a Google filter service and will receive a transcript of this call ”and invites to“ tell the reason for the call ”. As the conversation continues, the words of the caller are transcribed on the Pixel, so that we can understand the purpose of the call and possibly respond. Or click on some of the predetermined answers to ask for more information or even hang up, with the person on the other side who will be informed that “can’t answer at the moment, but he will call you later ”. Perhaps.

The person who called says his name, then we decide to hang up and is informed that he will be;  contacted again

The person who called says his name, then we decide to hang up and is informed that he will be contacted

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What will the next version of Call Filter look like?

Removed the understandable surprise of the caller, who is in front of him a recorded voice (but not at all robotic)everything works really, really well and lets you know in a comfortable way who is calling and why.

However, this is only the first step, because the more advanced version of the Call filter (already available in some countries) can do everything independently, without even having to click Filter call. On the contrary, without even the Pixel starting to ring. It mostly works with call centers – when someone calls and gets filtered, you get a notification saying Applying the filter to an unknown call, as Google’s AI answers the call, it asks who is calling and why. Then two things can happen: if the virtual assistant determines that the call is pre-recorded or unwanted, it hangs up; if it thinks it is not a pre-recorded or unwanted call, the phone rings and shows the answers given by the caller.

In short, where the Register of Oppositions does not arrive, the Mountain View software could definitely arrive. Which obviously specifies that “the transcripts of the conversations come generated and stored on your phone“.

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