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The Meloni government, in its first Council of Ministers, decided among other things to bring back about 4,000 doctors who refused to be vaccinated against Covid before the deadline of 31 December; many, even among doctors, are against it

On Monday 31 October, during its first operational Council of Ministers, the government led by Giorgia Meloni decided to reinstate immediately in servicewithout waiting for the deadline of 31 December, doctors who refused to be vaccinated. It is about 4,000 doctors and health workers – as written here by Margherita De Bac.

Health Minister Orazio Schillaci motivated the choice with both a much less alarming epidemiological picture than in recent monthswith either staff shortages that require guaranteeing the right to health.

As summarized on PrimaOra by Gianluca Mercuri,

the discount to the no vax doctors has a clear political value, expressed by the desire to give a signal of discontinuity with the previous governments. The premier cared for us as the only opponent of all the latest executives – a role that earned her the conquest of Palazzo Chigi – and explained it this way: Covid had become an election campaign theme, it had become ideological and this did not help us to take effective action. Anyone who said anything else was referred to as a monster.

After that, the shortage of medical personnel is an objectively dramatic problem, as explained by the latest Dataroom by Milena Gabanelli and Simona Ravizza: negative balance between new specialists and retirees, overpaid token doctors who jump from one shift to another, deserted calls.

The next move by the government, reveals Francesco Verderami, could be the abolition of the limited number for admission to the university.

As for the reverse on the masks – which remain mandatory in hospitals and RSAs -, despite the minister’s denials of that it is: a reverse, due to Mattarella’s warning against free all and the alarm from the medical world. So a suitable reverse. To confirm the liberalizing trend, the government thinks instead of shortening the isolation of the positives (now 5 days from the absence of symptoms and with a negative buffer).

Political controversies (even in the majority)

The decision to reinstate the No Vax doctors has sparked several controversies.

First of all, politics: both from the opposition (The Meloni government made its first choice in its debut CDM. It rewarded the No Vax. Worse than that it was difficult to start, he wrote Enrico Letta, secretary of the Democratic Party; A very serious and irresponsible decision, an offense to the vast majority of responsible doctors, and an offense to patients, said the governor of Campania, Vincenzo De Luca), both by the majority.

Perhaps it would have been possible to wait for the natural expiration of the measure, December 31, so as to prevent the silent majority of those who, honoring the gown, responsibly vaccinated themselves from feeling defeated by the noisy minority of the No vax. But if you ask me, who No vax, and therefore goes against medicine and science, should not operate in the health fieldhe said to the Licia Ronzulli Press
, leader of Forza Italia in the Senate. The day before, again in the press, Alessandro Cattaneo, leader of Forza Italia in the Chamber, had said that a no-vax doctor seems to me an oxymoron and as a citizen I would not want to have a doctor who has not been vaccinated.

The controversy among doctors

Controversies have also arisen from the medical-scientific field.

The reintegration of unvaccinated health workers and the “amnesties” for no-vaxes represent an anti-scientific and non-educational amnesty. What worries the message being given, said Nino Cartabellotta, president of the foundation Gimbe.

I have some doubts about the ability of no vax doctors to do scientific research. I would give him a course like the ones you do when you lose your license. An immunology and vaccination course, so at least the indications of science would discover, the virologist of the State University of Milan told A day as a sheep on Rai Radio 1 Fabrizio Pregliascomedical director of Irccs Galeazzi in the Lombard capital.

Massimo Clementidirector of the Laboratory of microbiology and virology of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University of Milan, explains that obviously they must be doctors in line with science, those who are reintegrated: but among the operators left out there are several that aren’t really no-vax, but people who took a dose or two and maybe didn’t get the booster. In between there are also situations that are a bit more hybrid than the no-vax that doesn’t want to do anything for its all-encompassing ideology.

Even the infectious disease specialist Matteo Bassetti was challenged on October 31 at the Verdi theater in Gorizia by no vax, and was forced to return to the hotel escorted by the police. He had said that of course, some errors in the Covid management policy had been made: but having said that everything was wrong, including the vaccination policy, a sensational mistake. He knows a lot about reckoning and a thinking slap to 95% of Italians who are vaccinated. And an equally slap in the face to 99.3% of Italian doctors who have been vaccinated. Because as “you are idiots, they did well not to get vaccinated”. a sensational mistake that I honestly never expected. the worst way you could start.

Antonio Fer
ro, president of Siti, the Italian Society of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health, had told al
Courier that, on the return to work of no vax employees, there were also organizational problems: The relationships between the suspended and those who continued to work, taking on many hours of overtime for the benefit of colleagues who remained at home, are tense. Generally the no vaxes are concentrated in groups of two or three in the same service because one leads to the other and therefore it has happened that in some departments there have been big gaps in staff. There must be evidence that those who return to work are not putting others at risk. a phenomenon that has created great discussions in the departments and risks creating tensions.

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