The highly sought-after 100 Lire worth a small fortune, here are the details to check immediately

For those who wonder if there are 100 highly sought-after Lire even if not rare, there is excellent news. Some of them can bring in a lot of money.

Some of the old Lire can worth up to 1000 Euros. And they don’t necessarily have to be “uncirculated” or limited edition. They simply are highly sought after by collectors.

100 Lire highly sought after
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THE reasons they can be varied. Aparticular vintagea minting errorone celebratory graphic reproduction deemed significant and important. Therefore also i “Old pennies” that we keep in the drawer, perhaps because they have emerged from a move, they can give us a lot of satisfaction.

In conclusion, perhaps we all have a jar with the old Lire, found by rummaging in the attic. Or kept there for I rememberput away the year that the Euro officially entered into circulation, supplanting them. EUR which, we must grudgingly admit, it did not bring the promised wealth.

Then maybe if we find a coin sought after by collectors we can regain something. Sometimes a few hundred euros. Others, even more than a thousand. So let’s see what they are the 100 Lire to look for immediatelyand which i details that make them precious.

The highly sought-after 100 Lire worth a small fortune, here are the details to check immediately

There are some “Unsuspected” 100 Lire that can do us make good money. One of them is the “classic” Minervathe 100 Lire with the representation of the famous deity holding a spear. But we must have one minted in 1955, a vintage that is of great interest to collectors. If perfectly preserved it can also be sold for 700 Euros.

If we then find some old Liras minted between 1957 and 1961 we can earn from 150 to 650 Euros. Obviously, the better they are kept, the more they will be priced. For those wishing to deepen the issue of coin classifications, we have published an article. There are instructions on how to clean old coins that we find in the drawer, to sell them better at a higher value.

Then there is one old 100 Lire that if we are lucky enough to find it can make us earn a nice “purple sheet” from 500 Euros. Let’s talk about one 1972 coin. But it must have a minting error. Practically, immediately after the numbers indicating the yearthere is a kind of slash, like a “THE“In italics. In technical jargon, a “slash”.

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