The humiliating dismissal of Menino Ney, from King of Paris to disposable player – 06/28/2022

In 2017, PSG paid 222 million euros to Barcelona for Neymar. And, in return, climb several steps and become a global team. A Champions League winner.

In 2022, the club told the player’s father that it is no longer interested in counting on him, even though there is a contract in force until 2027.

As Neymar earns 4 million euros a month net and as his father said he does not give up a nickel of future earnings, PSG announced to the market that it accepts to loan the player and pay part of the salaries.

In other words, PSG treated Neymar as an emergency disposable. As São Paulo did with Diego Souza, for example. Paying for not having is better than paying for having.

At 30 years old and five months away from the Cup, it is a strong blow to Neymar’s career. He can reach the Cup without a contract.

The information above is from the article by Diego Torres, from El País. He also says that Mbappé only accepted to remain at PSG, refusing Real Madrid’s offer, if Neymar left the club.

It’s the new king. He’s the boss. It is PSG’s new hope, alongside Messi, for PSG to finally win the Champions League.

Neymar was not vetoed for playing badly. Or for being in low technique. The reason is lack of commitment to the project and the club. Absences, little concern for recovery, Carnival….

Neymar believed he was bigger than PSG. The club helped that thought to flourish.

Now, it made Neymar come true.

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