The Ice Age On a collision course / Streaming of the film on Italy 1: where to see it

The Ice Age On a collision course: streaming

The Ice Age – On a collision course it is “the fifth appointment of a truly interminable saga that repeats itself without ever renewing itself and which now proceeds by accumulation and certainly not by variation”. So in fact Marzia Gandolfi rejects the film on MyMovies, then assigning it two stars out of the five made available by the portal and specifies: “In spite of the size, the topic is really exile, chopped and crowded with a noisy swarm of secondary critters that fills poverty creative with old gags “.

There are three stars of ilMorandini which specifies as in the film “computer graphics improve from film to film. The dazzling humor is a bit tired in this fifth episode of the saga and it would need some innovation for its survival ”. The ice age – on a collision course airs in prime time on Italia 1, but thanks to MediasetPlay we will be able to follow it also live streaming by clicking here. Click here for the trailer video.

Ice Age On a collision course, the most expensive of the saga

Of all the chapters of the saga “The ice Age” this film “On a Collision Course” is just what cost more than the others. There is talk of a total expenditure of 105 million against the 408 million dollars of receipts worldwide. “Ice Age – Buck’s Adventures” is the title of the sixth chapter confirmed in February 2022. Surely to underline are the music of John Debney, a real cinematographer.

Born in Glendale on August 18, 1956, he is known for having also worked as a conductor and composer. In 2005 he also received an Oscar nomination for Best Score for directing the music for Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. He has often worked on animated films especially on his debut when he directed the music of Pippo and sport in Calciomania, I great-grandchildren the film and Hocus pocus. He recently edited the music for Clifford Walt Becker’s The Big Red Dog of 2021.

The ice age In a collision course, a film by Italy 1 directed by Mike Thurmeier

“The Ice Age On a collision course”Is the title of the film he proposes Italia 1 today, Saturday 21 May 2022, starting at 21.20. It is a 2016 film of the animation-adventure genre made in the United States and directed by Mike Thurmeier in collaboration with Galen T. Chu. The Italian actors who lend their voices to the main characters of the film are Pino Insegno, Massimo Giuliani, Claudio Bisio and Roberta Lanfranchi. The film is the fifth part of the “Ice Age” series and takes up the 2012 film entitled “Ice Age 4 – Continents adrift”.

The ice age On a collision course, the plot of the film

Let’s go read the plot de The ice age On a collision course. A squirrel named Scrat looks for a safe place to hide his acorn but as always he does a lot of trouble, even re-starts an old alien spacecraft that wants to hit the planet Earth with an asteroid. Then there is Sid, a small mammal who, due to his extreme romance, cannot find true love. Peach, Manny’s daughter who is a rather gruff mammoth, wants to introduce her young boyfriend, Julian, to her father.

Manny does not like Julian but probably because he is very jealous and believes that no one is equal to his only daughter. Ellie, Manny’s partner, throws a party to mark their anniversary, which the mammoth had forgotten. Manny is about to confess it to Ellie but suddenly the sky is colored thanks to magnificent fireworks.

The party continues, everyone is having fun and the guests think that the fireworks display is Manny’s work to surprise his Ellie. In reality these are not fireworks but explosions caused by meteorites, so they all take refuge in a cave. In the cave there is also the ferret Buck who warns the newly arrived group of the catastrophe that the Earth is about to experience and of the prophecy he learned about the possible end of the world. Manny and his family will do everything to avoid the destruction of their home.

The video of the trailer for “Ice Age On a Collision Course”


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