The journalist reveals a list of banned questions while talking to Britney

Britney Spears is fighting for freedom. He wants to get rid of guardianship and regain control of his life. What did a Swedish journalist reveal about guardianship?

Britney Spears he has been fighting for independence in court for several months. She is trying to free herself from the tutelage she took over 13 years ago. She started it only now, because she did not know before that she was allowed, and now she is trying to prove that she is ready to decide about her own life. She shared in an Instagram post some time ago that she does not intend to return to the scene as long as her dad has an influence on her.

She also openly expressed her regret towards her sister Jamie Lynn Spears that she began to support her only when it became known that the star was trying to free herself from the tutelage of her father, Jamie Spears. Recently, he has also been shocking with his publications on Instagram. She announced a change of religion, her recordings or topless photos often appear. Motion Free Britney is also gaining momentum, and Spears can find its followers all over the world.

New facts about how the Princess of Pop has been treated for many years also come out to the press from time to time. This time, a Swedish journalist revealed what limitations he had when interviewing Britney in 2011.

What questions for Britney Spears were forbidden?

On the Polish fanpage of Britney Spears, there was information that not only the star itself was limited to the limit, but also journalists who wanted to interview her. One of them revealed that there was a list of questions that were not allowed to be asked during the interview.

A Swedish journalist reveals 16 questions that Britney Spears’ staff forbade him to ask the singer in 2011! […]

It is worth mentioning that during this interview, a journalist asked Britney “Have you ever felt overly protected by those around you?”, Then the star’s staff interrupted the interview and it lasted 8 instead of 15 minutes promised – it was written on the profle.

Among the forbidden questions were, of course, those about shaving the head, hope for the future, criticism in the media and fan support, but the most surprising fact is that there were also those about working with Swedish artists. Graphics listed in our gallery. What do you think about it?

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