the knot remains Salvini-

The torments and goals of the leader of the Brothers of Italy: this is an appointment with history, I don’t sleep at night. The idea of ​​finding the square by the middle of next week

Sometimes he jokes about it: I’ve been doing politics for 30 years, working to bring my party to win, I arrive at the appointment with history – because for the right this is a historic moment – and in the world everything and more happens … I don’t sleep at night.

For what he will have to face, most likely right away after the European summit on 20 October where Draghi should go to represent the government.

You rely on the decisions of the head of state, you do not press, but in the reasoning with yours it emerges how the most appropriate thing for the good of the country whether those who have instructed all the dossiers on the energy crisis go to assert the Italian position at the tables. Then, it’s up to her.

On the other hand, relations with the outgoing government are very good, as it should be in a mature democracy: there is no teasing, no tripping. And Draghi, he says without hiding, was more than correct. Which does not mean that she has become a dragonian: we are just serious people who behave seriously.

Some ministers then really conquered it. How Roberto Cingolaniwhich she considers intelligent, capable, very generous. Not a mystery that he would like to remain in placebut he declined the invitation. Meloni does not give up: in some way, perhaps as a consultant, do everything to keep him tied to Palazzo Chigi.

Others have also offered help, coincidentally those closest to Draghi: Colao, but also Guerini.

Political ministers, on the other hand, did not have the same impetus, they say. But now it’s time to look forward. With a warning for, also addressed to him: not willing to be imposed on anyone and not to be influenced by long faces or diktats or party quarrels.

If you don’t find the square by the middle of next week, also ready to go with her list to the head of state and then present herself in Parliament : those who are fine, those who do not want to vote for it do not do it and goodbye. You will only rule with a team of his trust and high profileotherwise we might as well not even start.

The most complicated issue remains that of Salvini’s role. She was clear with him: it would be good avoid that maybe the Quirinale blocks the appointment of the Northern League leader at the Viminale, it would be a bad start for both. And what transpires, at Colle it would be preferable to avoid that such a delicate role be entrusted to a party secretary. On the other hand, Meloni fears that, if the squares become hot, highly characterized ministers could become a problem for the management of public order.

But he has no intention of vetoing the League: he would have nothing against, for example, an appointment of Giulia Bongiorno, prepared and esteemed by her. But Salvini would accept a different League minister in the highest department entrusted to them? Maybe he could indicate a man he can trust, like the prefect Matteo Piantedosi, and keep himself a heavy ministry. Apparently he would like them Infrastructureunder the control of the Coast Guard, but Rixi could go there too; if instead he accepted agriculture that Meloni would gladly give him, he could ask to do the vice premier. U is also expected for the Leaguen ministry for a woman and to understand if Giorgetti will enter, appreciated by Meloni.

And while rThe Mef box is still emptyand we are still looking for a super technician, there is also a FI problem: there will be Tajani (safe for Foreigners),
Bernini (probable University), Pichetto Fratin.

However, Berlusconi’s request from Healthcare will not be accepted Licia Ronzulli: Meloni wants an expert, maybe just the blue Zangrillo. For the loyal of the Knight or a minor ministry or nothing.

The belt is also tightened in FdI. Ignazio La Russa destined for the presidency of the Senate, Urso and Crosetto in Defense and Economic Development.

Carlo Nordio advances to Justice, Giovanbattista Fazzolari he will be either undersecretary to the presidency or minister for the implementation of the program.

The Corriere della Sera and the website are out today and tomorrow without the signatures of journalists due to trade union agitation.

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