the larvae fell from the ceiling onto McDonald’s customers

The disgusting bugs attack occurred at McDonald’s in Beckton, East London. The customers who dined there on Thursday, November 18 in the morning could not count the meal as successful.

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London: Larvae at McDonald’s

As local media reports, at one point small bug larvae began to fall from the ceiling of the restaurant, alive and writhing on the floor and tables. Dozens of bugs can be seen in short recordings shared by indignant customers on social media. One of the authors points out that the larvae also fell into the client’s food.

– I’m gonna get a refund for it. It’s McDonald’s in Becton and the larvae are all around. They lie everywhere on the floor – says the disgusted client in the video.

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The restaurant was closed for two days

In the issued statement, the chain of McDonald’s stores said that as soon as it became known about the situation, the premises were closed until Friday inclusive.

– We have investigated and revealed the cause of this incident, which has now been resolved. (…) We recruited external specialists who carried out thorough cleaning. (…) During this process, we worked closely with our insect prevention company and environmental health representatives, the statement said.

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