The last moments for the clearance of the shield. PFR is waiting for so many companies

Initially, the settlement date was set for January 15th. However, the PFR management board allowed for the submission of corrections of wrongly submitted declarations and the sending of late applications on January 18-23.

– We want as few entrepreneurs as possible to be forced to return the subsidy – assures PFR vice-president Bartosz Marczuk. As he added, The fund redeems on average about 83 percent. support received by entrepreneurs.

Who benefited from the 2.0 shield

The shield 2.0 was used by companies from the industries most affected by COVID-19, such as hotel, catering, tourist, event and fair markets.

Bartosz Marczuk emphasized that from January 23, changes and supplements to applications will be impossible, and the lack of settlement or the incorrectness of the submitted JPK files will be with the need to return the entire subsidy received.

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