The Last of Us Part II, Mystery Patch: It Weighs Little and No One Knows What Changes

Naughty Dog has just made available a new (and mysterious) patch surprise for The Last of Us Part II (on SS5), weighing just 96 MB.

In all likelihood, you will remember that the sequel to the first chapter received a next-gen update in May, now followed by a further update.

Meanwhile, work on the TV series continues and now you can finally take a look at Joel’s entire family.

As a real act of love towards the game, a fan wanted to create a (very faithful) reproduction of the map owned by Ellie, also available for purchase.

The patch mentioned at the beginning is devoid of a changelog, and consequently, it is not known what the actual extent of the changes introduced is.

However, it seems that the differences are to be found in an in-game timer adjustment while playing at 60fps, although no official details have come up so far (via PlayStationLifestyle ).

Ellie’s adventure was accompanied (in terms of timing) by an additional patch for Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, this time with an attached changelog.

In the case of the Insomniac Games title, this is an improvement in stability and overall performance, including ray tracing.

Insomniacs also took the opportunity to address an unbalanced effect that motion blur had on some NPCs.

Returning to talk about The Last of Us Part II, it is not entirely clear which and how many additions are included for the occasion, but the weight of the patch suggests that there may not be any profound changes.

If you are still trying your hand at the second adventure but you always have the progenitor in mind, you should know that Part II  lacks two key features present in the first episode.

Among the many merits, the sequel to the adventure of Ellie and Joel had to increase the realism on a general level, with a focus on the eyes of the characters.

Do you remember Lev? The actor who plays him is still very attached to the character and has spent a few words about his return in a possible third chapter.

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