The latest news about the health of Klemens Murañka. “I’m afraid”

Klemens Murańka was unable to compete in both Ski Jumping World Cup competitions in Nizhniy Tagil due to a positive coronavirus test result, so he has to stay in Russia in quarantine until the next two results are negative.

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The secret weapon of Polish jumpers for the new season. They didn’t want to reveal what was going on

Doleżal MichalMichal Doleżal assessed the performance of Poles in Niżny Tagil. “It’s hard to explain”

“Unfortunately. Klemens Murańka with a positive test result, which means that he will stay in Russia a bit longer. Together with an American and a German they are going to the clinic in Yekaterinburg. The remaining results – those from yesterday evening – are not yet available” – Kacper Merk from Eurosport informed.

Currently, the Polish jumper is in the clinic in Yekaterinburg, where he will not be alone. “There will be a coach Radek Żidek at hand, who will most likely be delegated to play the role of Murańka’s guardian angel” – added TVP Sport journalist Filip Czyczanowski on Twitter.

The doctor of the Polish national team about Klemens Murańka. “The isolation itself is the worst. He’s depressed.”

The latest information on the health condition of the Polish ski jumper, who is vaccinated against Covid-19, was shared by the Polish team doctor, Aleksander Winiarski, on the WP Sportowefakty portal. – On Sunday, Clement had a slight fever and a headache. Whether they were due to infection or stress, it’s hard to say. Today he feels better, has a slight runny nose, but generally he has no more serious symptoms – admitted the doctor.

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And he added: – The isolation itself is the worst for Klemens. He is depressed because he is missing his starts in subsequent competitions and is afraid that he will have to spend several days in this quarantine. […] Apart from a headache, increased temperature and a slight inflammation of the airways, he is fine.

Kamil Stoch brutally assessed his jumps. Kamil Stoch brutally assessed his jumps. “Maybe you have to look outside the hill”

As announced by Michał Doleżal, Polish jumpers are to set off to Kuusamo on Wednesday for the next World Cup competition (November 27-28). On Monday, just after 10 o’clock, the Polish Ski Association confirmed that the rest of the competitors and the staff had negative test results.

The beginning of the World Cup season in Nizhny Tagil is extremely unsuccessful for the Polish team. Apart from the coronavirus, the white-and-reds are in poor shape at the start of the new season. In the Sunday competition, Kamil Stoch did not even manage to enter the second series of the competition. Similarly to Dawid Kubacki. In the final, we could only watch Piotr Żyła (16th place) and Andrzej Stękała (30th place). It was the worst competition during the term of office of Michał Doleżal.

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