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In the “act of secular faith” mentioned governors and mayors. Immigration is central, as in the times of the Interior Ministry

The “Credo” slogan that will mark the Northern League’s electoral campaign is like a tailor-made suit, despite its tendency to informality and casual, for Matteo Salvini. The strong-willed and assertive leader, who often proclaims from the stands that “wanting is power”, is preparing to live the next forty days, leaving aside the soul of struggle to leverage that of government. Also implicitly to mark the difference from Brothers of Italy, which compared to the League can boast very few administrators (governors and mayors) and scant government experience.

“” I believe “is an act of secular faith in the beautiful politics and in the beauty of democracy – explains Salvini, launching the campaign on social media in simultaneously with the filing of the electoral program—. It is a message that appears revolutionary in an era of mistrust and a loss of security. “I believe” that our program is clear, concrete and common sense, above all because it restarts from promises already kept, from reforms already made, from solutions already found and tested ». It is no coincidence that he remembers the presidents of the Region (with the Venetian Luca Zaia, for example, he is the protagonist of ad hoc posters focused on Autonomy), the 800 mayors and the over six thousand administrators of the Northern League.

The Northern League secretary intends to start over from his experience at the Interior Ministry. Perhaps because then he reached heights never reached again in the polling stations (at the 2019 European Championships) and in the polls, Salvini is convinced that that was a sort of mini “golden age” for his figure as minister and, consequently, for the political part of he. So here for a few weeks, without ever having lowered the threshold of attention, the theme of the fight against immigration has forcefully returned to occupy a prominent place in the arrembante campaign that the «Beast» (the Carroccio’s propaganda machine) conducts on social media. “I believe that fighting human traffickers and stopping clandestine landings are a priority – reads the Salvinian manifesto -. I think I have shown that I know how to do it, even at the cost of numerous trials that I face with my head held high ».

The warhorses of the Northern League narrative are all there and were seen, symbolically, on Friday evening when it was launched the slogan “Credo” illuminating the Central Station of Milan (security), the INPS (pensions), the Revenue Agency (taxes) and the port of Lampedusa (immigration). But there is also space for energy (“I believe in energy independence based on the development of all alternative sources and on the new generation of nuclear, safe and clean”), foreign policy (“I believe in the historic international positioning of Italy “), demographics (” I believe in protecting the family, that empty cradles are among the most serious problems and that it is a priority to support those who are already parents and those who want to become one “), justice and school.

As for the way in which the campaign will be conducted, Salvini plans to reduce media outbursts, focusing on appointments in the square (in turn fewer than usual trends). But above all, it focuses on teamwork, calling on the administrators it boasts of to share (useful move, in the case of an electoral result not brilliant, to share the responsibilities too). For the secretary, the challenge is uphill. Although he says he is convinced that the League will be the first party on the night of September 25 (a record that would allow the premier to be indicated), the gap accumulated in recent months compared to Brothers of Italy it seems difficult to fill. Hence the appeal launched to all components of the party to fight belly to earth on the territories.

But Salvini chose the slogan “Creed” also for its religious inspiration. Rosaries, icons and holy cards are well known and are displayed in its various Milanese and Roman offices (even the Interior Ministry during his mandate was transformed into a sort of civil “sanctuary”). In the Senate, in August 2019, in full confrontation with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the then Minister of the Interior entrusted himself “to the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary”. He now he believes “in the beautiful politics and in the beauty of democracy”. But he places no limits on Providence.

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