The legendary jumper will come back on the hill? “If the people in Poland wanted very much”

Despite only 31 years old, Gregor Schlierenzauer is a legend in ski jumping. For several years now, the Austrian has remained a shadow of himself and a few months ago he made the decision to end his sports career. The contestant, however, is still not sure if that was his final word.

Gregor Schlierenzauer honestly about coming back to the hill: I had different thoughts but I don’t think I need it

Schlierenzauer decided to give up jumping at a relatively young age. For example, Simon Ammann is ten years older than him, and Kamil Stoch and Piotr ya by four. If he wanted to come back, he could still play sports for several years.

Gregor Schlierenzauer during the competition in Willingen.  Germany, February 7, 2020“The best jumper in history” ends his career. “Nobody was so dominant. Unbelievable”

In an interview with Przegląd Sportowy, the Austrian revealed whether his decision would remain unchanged. – I have many thoughts related to this. The first was that I would never jump again. The next one was different, that maybe I will start in the World Cup again, and the third one, that I will jump once again for my relatives, family and friends. In the end, I decided I had to be honest with myself, and I don’t think I need to sit on the beam and jump, ”he said.

These words do not mean, however, that we will never see Schlieri on the hill again, as he is still considering returning even only to be able to say goodbye to the fans. – If people in Poland would really like to see me on the hill, I will come, but I seriously think that, as I decided, it is best for me – he also added.

Jan Habdas during the Polish championship in Zakopane18-year-old Jan Habdas will make his debut in the World Cup qualifiers. He was doing great in the FIS Cup

Gregor Schlierenzauer has won four Olympic medals (one gold, one silver and two bronze), a multiple medalist of the world championships. He also won the World Cup and the 4-Hills-Tournament twice. Since 2013, it is also a record holder in the number of victories in World Cup competitions. In total, he won 53 competitions in this series in his career.

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