The Legia footballer reveals the backstage of M¦’s elimination. “The president appeared on board. He promised a million euros” Soccer

The qualifying queue, which was decisive for the situation in group A, provided the fans with a lot of excitement. In a direct duel for promotion from the first place to the World Cup, Serbia unexpectedly defeated Portugal away, scoring the winning goal at the very end of the match. For this reason, the 2016 European champions will only play in the play-offs.

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Mladenović delighted to defeat Portugal

Filip Mladenović, who sat the entire match on the bench, revealed some details about this historic clash. – The President of Serbia appeared on board 10 minutes before the departure of our plane to Lisbon. He told us to win and said that if we beat Portugal, we would get an additional one million euro in bonus. We completed the task, and we decided to donate the bonus to sick Serbian children – he said in an interview with WP SportoweFakty.

The course of the match itself was amazing, which the football player from Legia Warszawa also mentioned. – The fact is that we advanced to the World Cup in an amazing style. We defeated the most difficult rival, in the last match, in their area, after a goal in the last minute. Can you imagine a more beautiful scenario for us? A draw was enough for them, we only won. And we went three points from the beginning of the match – he added.

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Mladenović compared the atmosphere in the dressing rooms of Serbia and Legia

The goal of the promotion was scored by Aleksandar Mitrović, who was eating pizza after the match. Mladenović also referred to this situation. – Pizza is in many locker rooms after wins. There must have been some kind of clustering here. Mitrovic also ate pizza in the dressing room after Fulham’s promotion, some time ago, and now, after Serbia won. And somehow it was connected in the photos – he explained.

The player of Legia Warszawa also answered the question whether he would like to transfer the atmosphere from the national team to his club. – Definitely yes. Our bad streak has been going on too long. It is high time to end it and move on – added Mladenović.

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The victory against Portugal saw Serbia advance to the World Cup for the fifth time in its history. The best result was recorded in France in 1998, still as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, when it reached the 1/8 finals. In 2006, 2010 and 2018, she did not leave the group.

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