The Lost City, the first reviews of the action with Bullock, Tatum and Brad Pitt arrive!

The new film with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum could be this year’s guilty pleasure, as many critics already define it. Action romance The Lost Z it also counts on the extraordinary participation of Brad Pitt, Daniel Radcliffe and Dwayne Johnson. Here’s what the reviews from the USA tell us.

Arriving in Italy on April 21The Lost City is shown in the trailer for the local public, but already in full to international critics, who had the opportunity to preview it at South By Southwest Film Festival currently in progress. In addition to the proof of Brad Pittnoticed and commented on by many, the film will also count on the presence of Dwayne Johnsonwho prepares for his upcoming Black Adam but has tied his name to similarly atmospheric titles like Jumanji, Journey to the Mysterious Island and the Jungle Cruise in development for a sequel. Bullock is an author kidnapped by a billionaire (Radcliffe) and brought to safety by a model who plays the hero of her novels (Tatum).

Peter Debruge of Variety says this definitely is the typical guilty pleasure that takes the old adventure film and refines it for a new audience: “It was a breath of fresh air: the kind of breezy two-hour vacation that doesn’t take itself too seriously, offering wild jokes between Bullock and Tatum; a treasure hunt that pretends to be more progressive, alternating who saves who, than it really is“.

John Defore of The Hollywood Reporter states that the film marks a pleasant throwback by drawing inspiration from Indiana Jones And In pursuit of the green stone. The stars, especially Channing Tatum, elevate the film and save it from becoming a generic action: “Here, however, the action is best when it’s comical and character-driven, not trying to live up to the masterpieces of the past. But if not living up to Raiders of the Lost Ark example were a crime, much of Hollywood would be in jail.“.

Robert Daniels of IndieWire evaluates the film B- and agrees that the agreement between Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum saves the film, which is a bit “the unconscious stuff that romance novels are made of“The actor’s physical comedy is perfectly complemented by former Navy SEAL played by Brad Pitt:”Pitt moves quickly, easily disabling a group of menacing henchmen as Tatum plays Alan with slapstick charm, leaning into conscious bodily awkwardness. Tatum has always been a physically aware actor, often downplaying his muscular appearance to make people laugh. And here he gives his all, employing nervous agility and hesitant delicacy for precise gags“.

The critic of The WrapMartin Tsai, states that The Lost City he never fully engages, but has a lot of fun along the way. The role of Brad Pitt he may be bigger than a typical cameo, but he’s a show stealer and audiences might not think his role is important enough: “After the witty, action-packed first act, the film shifts gears into romance novel mode. Unfortunately, he never manages to sustain or recover once Pitt’s overwhelming cameo is over. It is still enjoyable, although it will hardly satisfy those thirsty for action and adventure“. Will you not go and see? Tell us in the comments!

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