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“Today the mafias are back stronger than before, they have globalized, they use other types of systems but unfortunately there is less talk of them, a climate of normalization has been created in the country, it has become one of the many problems but it is not like that. We ask politics to do its part but we as citizens are called to do ours “.

Don Luigi Ciotti, national president of Libera, said this on the occasion of the presentation of the XXVII Day of Remembrance and Commitment in memory of the innocent victims of the mafia, which is celebrated on 21 March, and which this year will take place in Naples. Don Ciotti underlined that “people are less aware because today there are no great massacres, even if in some areas shooting and threatening continue, which have created emotions and great interventions. The mafias are more under the radar, but they are there and the presence is not so much in the South but above all in the North in high finance with large operations, they have gone beyond the border “. And with respect to the legislative response against the mafias, Don Ciotti said: “We have laws that are envied in the world, but the problem is that it is not enough that they are written on paper, they must become flesh, life and concreteness and then a massive response is needed. which is fundamental “

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