The “Me Gusta” won a Gold record in Brazil


The most recent release by Shakira, “Me Gusta”, it continues to take off around the world. In Brazil, there would not be any different, and the range has just been awarded her first gold record in that country. This siignifica the collaboration of the colombian with the Anuel AA you’ve already sold at least 20k copies of the equivalent in the world. The information came from the Spanish office of Sony Music, the record label of the artists, who also noted that it received a platinum certification in the united states (60 million copies) and in Spain (40 thousand of copies).

Today (the 26th), it was a time of division in the mexican-Sony states that the song was a gold record in that country. In Mexico, the certification is the equivalent of 30 million copies worldwide. In all, the band already has 150 thousand copies, certified by the company. It is worth noting that, in the cas of the high sales of the range have not been issued by the agencies certifcadores of their respective countries, with the exception of Spain.

Music video

This past Monday (the 24th), She has used her social networking to inform you that the official video for the single should be coming out soon. The columbian reported that it is currently completing the editing of the material.

It is expected that the music video for get out on the next Friday (the 28th). So far, however, it is not in the team of the singer or the record label have confirmed the release date of the material in the paltaformas of the video.

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