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Larissa Manoela Fred Othero

Published 06/05/2022 07:00

Rio – She grew up in front of the camera, became a teen icon and is ready to show her adult side to the world. Larissa Manoela is admired by the general public since she played Maria Joaquina in “Carrossel”, by SBT. Now, the actress and singer steals the show as the Isadora of ‘Além da Illusion’, her first soap opera on TV Globo. Marking her maturity, the artist launches her new album, ‘Larissa Manoela A Milhão’, to further consecrate the transition to adulthood.

Inspired by artists who grew up in the spotlight, including Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, Larissa Manoela says she wants to mark the turning point of her career and understands that this is the time for the end of a cycle. “These are artists who inspire me a lot because they started a career from an early age, each one with their own personality marked this turning point, this change, this maturation, with something strong. what a shock, but that shows the presence of this new moment in my career as a singer. It’s a voice that has undergone a change, it’s no longer a child’s voice, what I sing and what is spoken is more mature, many things I believe and I’ve already passed. The vibrations, the beats, the sound effects that make up the songs make everything be created in an interesting way for this new moment”, he explains.

Larissa Manoela A Million

The title of Larissa Manoela’s third album reflects well the artist’s professional moment. Still on tour, the singer began to idealize the new project in 2019, and even in the face of the pandemic, she invested in the production of the songs and bet on the maturity to build the project. The launch comes together with the recordings of TV Globo’s six-hour soap opera. “Only in 2022, when everything was ready and I managed to complete the 10 tracks of my album, I decided to release it. It is a period when I feel very happy and I live the best moment of my career as a singer, actress and in my life. So, I think people can expect something very mature because the project has matured in these three years. They are songs that now reach another place, that vibrate, are danceable, that have personality, attitude… and I think that everything this will add to this new phase”, he says.

The singer explains that the album title has everything to do with her. “The name is very suitable for my life as a whole. Larissa is 100% a million from a very early age, so it meets the moment I’m going through in my life where things are a million because I’m in the soap opera, I’m releasing music and I have my extra activities as an entrepreneur. At the same time, I don’t stop living my life like Lari, with my moments of leisure. something very similar and that goes against what I live”.

Life in the spotlight

The changes in Larissa Manoela’s life were closely followed by the public. Still in the beginning of the adult phase, the artist confesses that she is discovering herself in this version. “Growing up is never easy, especially in front of the cameras, which is a bigger challenge because people are always looking at what you do and, for a while, when people feel entitled to judge and give opinions. I went through these phases, from very young to adulthood, which is a discovery, I’m still discovering Larissa as a person and professional. It wasn’t easy, I’m proud of everything I’ve lived. I didn’t stop being who I am, with my essence, my personality and my base, which is my family. Today, I look with admiration for everything I went through and that gave me the strength to be who I am today”, he analyzes.

Transition to Adult Stage

At 21 years old, the artist naturally faces the evolution with the arrival of adulthood and explains how she deals with the expectations of the public. “The best way to accept and understand this process is to deal with our wants and desires in a safe way and to be comfortable with the expectations they place on us without losing personality. Despite having an expectation, you are not there to please everyone and the only thing that matters is that you are happy and loving yourself Making a point of showing to a society that imposes the standards that the best thing you do is be yourself and believe in it, be happy the way you planned and believes it’s best for you.”

six o’clock soap opera

In parallel with the release of the new album, Larissa Manoela continues recording the plot ‘Beyond Illusion’. In the first phase of the plot, the actress played Elisa, a young woman murdered by her father who did not accept her relationship with the magician Davi (Rafael Vitti). Now she gives life to the girl’s sister, Isadora, who also falls in love with the illusionist.

“It’s a very challenging job, a character that is complex and has many questions. I’m maturing together with this character and with my entry into Globo, which was and continues to be very special. Now from the middle to the final stretch of the plot, my My wish is for me to fulfill this process of evolution and discovery in a special, important way that is a milestone in life”, he celebrates.

Personal X Professional Life

Living in Cidade Maravilhosa due to the recordings of the soap opera, Larissa Manoela says that it is important to know how to enjoy moments without professional commitments. “I spend my life dedicated to my profession, which is my greatest joy and the reason for my existence. But at this moment that I’m living in Rio de Janeiro and immersed in my work, I keep trying to balance the life of a girl from 21 years old too”, he explains.

“It is possible to have a personal life, I go out with my friends, I enjoy this phase of mine in a special and peaceful way, as far as possible. I made many friends in the soap opera, and it is very good for us not to forget that we need to have fun. and be happy”, he says.

Report by intern Letícia Pessôa under the supervision of Tábata Uchoa

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