The MMORPG in the Marvel universe is born; IGI Origins is delayed

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November 27, 2021, 18:25

Enad Global 7 reveals that it is developing an MMORPG under a Marvel license. We will get to know the fate of The Lord of the Rings Online, IGI Origins and DC Universe Online.


  • Work on MMORPG in Marvel’s world is underway, the title will probably not make its debut before 2024. The Dimensional Ink studio (incl. DC Universe Online).
  • Shooter IGI Origins has been defined as a long-term project; all indications are that the information about the premiere next year is no longer available.
  • There are still plans to refresh the graphics of the game The Lord of the Rings Online and its release on new generation consoles.

The Investor Presentation by Enad Global 7 indicates that work is underway on a new game licensed by Marvel it will be a high-budget work representing the MMORPG genre. The Dimensional Ink studio, which is a part of the American producer and publisher Daybreak Game Company, is responsible for the project.

The team led by Jack Emmert is currently developing another superhero production, DC Universe Online. More on the title that the media has named Marvel MMORPG, the editors of Wccftech have to say. It will refer to an interview with the leader of Dimensional Ink studio in 2020.

In it, Emmert mentions working on a new game. Although he refrained from providing specific information, he announced the release of a work using the capabilities of next-gen consoles at that time, its prototype was also to be available. In the same conversation the developer admits that he is a great supporter of the free-to-play modelwhich may indicate how his title will follow. However, we still have to wait for official details.

The MMORPG in the Marvel universe is born;  IGI Origins p

In the broadcast accompanying the penitentiary presentation, the duties of Enad Global 7 CEO Ji Ham said that Marvel MMORPG is the largest and most exciting project in the company’s history. We will not find out about it soon, however, because it is defined as a long-term one, and therefore it will most likely debut not earlier than in 2024.

Interestingly, a similar fate will be met by the tactical shooter too IGI Origins, which was to be the prime minister of St. next year. Let us remind you that this title will be a prequel to the series of spy FPS games, the action of which will take players to the 1980s. In a document prepared by Enad Global 7, it was described as realistic Metal Gear Solid.

The presentation also confirms previous reports on the fate of The Lord of the Rings Online, which will have an improved graphics layer, will provide players with a more interesting experience and will appear on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S / X consoles. The aim of the refurbishment of the position is to attract people interested in the high-budget serial adaptation created by Amazon Defects of the Rings. The aforementioned game can also count on improving the visuals DC Universe Online.

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