The Morning Show – review of the 2nd season of the loudest series of Apple TV +

Author: Ewa Filipowicz
November 23, 2021

The first season The Morning Show he was undeniably phenomenal. The flagship production of Apple TV + about Me Too delighted viewers around the world, and the cliffhanger ending built great expectations for new episodes. Actually, from the first episode of the second season, you can hear voices that the quality of production has drastically decreased. Is such a strong criticism justified?

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Main complaints about new episodes The Morning Show relate to the fact that the show has lost the idea it had in the first season. It’s true, the first installment felt like a title with a mission and a message. It was moving and aroused strong emotions among the audience. The second season is not focused on one problem, and its plot follows the slalom between the successive dramas of the characters.

The Morning Show - review of the 2nd season of the loudest series of Apple TV +

Photo kadr from The Morning Show, Apple TV +

Heard comparisons of the new season The Morning Show even to netflix Dynastywhich of course is quite an exaggeration, but there is a shadow of truth to it. However, I wonder if the new episodes have to follow the same trail as the first season? The creators have slightly changed the concept of the production, which has failed the expectations of many fans of the series, but there is no obligation to raise big ideas each season.

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Instead of devoting all episodes to the problem of sexual harassment, the creators of this time focused on more personal dramas of the characters. In the second season, we have addictions, discovering our own identity, death, and unhappily invested feelings. Even though many problems really seem a bit far-fetched at times, this production is still great to watch. Cast and momentum The Morning Show it’s something I personally can’t take my eyes off of.

The Morning Show - review of the 2nd season of the loudest series of Apple TV +

Photo kadr from The Morning Show, Apple TV +

The series by Kerry Ehrin and Jay Carson is one of those productions that deal with the topic of the pandemic, and its action takes place at the time when the first cases of infections reached the USA. The topic of the presidential election in the United States is also in the background. In the cast The Morning Show in addition to the well-known characters, i.e. Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon or Steve Carell, there are completely new faces – Julianna Margulies, Holland Taylor, Valeria Golino and Hasan Minhaj. Aside from Minhaj’s initial, slightly stiff play, the cast has proved to be phenomenal.

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Second season The Morning Show this production is simply different from the first season. So I understand the disappointment of those fans who expected a repeat of the brilliant gameplay, but I also understand the satisfaction of those who enjoyed the new season. Although I know that it could have been better, and my rating of this season is slightly lower than the first, I am not offended by the creators and I hope that the third season of the history of the best Apple TV + production will be created. I had fun and with a clear conscience I recommend this production to all those who do not know it yet.

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