The most beautiful makeup and hairstyles of Emma Stone in the movie “Cruella”

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This film, also through the image of the protagonist, is about becoming yourself, about the strength needed to accept who we are and stop hiding – says make-up artist and hair stylist Nadia Stacey about Estella’s transformation into Cruella. “Cruella” already in cinemas.

It is rare for a movie villain to stimulate the imagination, such as Cruella de Mon, played by Glenn Close in the 1996 film 101 Dalmatians. Cruella has a wardrobe to (literally) kill for. And what made the heroine wicked? Director Craig Gillespie decided to answer this question in the prequel. He cast Emma Stone in the title role, and set the action in punk London in the 1970s. The film focuses on Estella, a rebellious young hustler who – hiding her naturally black and white hair under a red paint – has always felt like an outsider. Cruella, who dreams of becoming a fashion designer, manages to attract the attention of baroness Von Hellman (Emma Thompson), a prominent in the fashion industry, who takes her under her wing. One day, Estella notices that the baroness is wearing a necklace that once belonged to the mother of the main character, who had died under mysterious circumstances many years earlier. Enraged, Estella decides to outshine the Baroness. She stops hiding her two-tone hair and experiments with makeup.

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The film carries an important message – we should accept ourselves as we really are. The make-up artist and hair stylist working on the film identifies with this Nadia Stacey (Stone had met earlier on the set of “The Favorite”).

How do you start your work?

I create an inspiration board. This one includes 18th century hairstyles and makeup, 50s and 60s fashion, John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood. I watched competitions of avant-garde hairstyles and sculptures. And of course I was drawing from the punk style of the ’70s.

How has Emma Stone influenced your vision of Cruella?

Emma has very delicate facial features, so you can’t go overboard with her hairstyle and makeup. We used a lot of punk references, so I tried to make them feel distinctly raw, but I was careful not to lose the true beauty. I was inspired by the style Debbie Harrywho often painted her lips with a soft pink lipstick. When we were doing something like makeup with the words “The Future” in the same raw graphic black font used on the cover of the album “The Future”Never Mind The Bollocks“The 1977 Sex Pistols, we balanced that with red, crystal-embellished lips that made it soft and beautiful.

Photo Laurie Sparham / Disney

“Cruella” is a story about transformation. How was this reflected in the hairstyles and makeup?

When we meet Estella, still in red hair, she is quite ordinary. She looks like a typical girl growing up in London in the 70’s. Then her appearance undergoes a transformation. In one of the scenes she goes to the baroness’ ball with her hair braided in a French braid. The first time we see a baroness from the 1950s, she has a similar hairstyle. Young Cruella gives her a punk character.

Photo Laurie Sparham / Disney

How much influence did Glenn Close have on Emma’s appearance?

I was considering what Glenn Close looked like. When Emma is first seen as Cruella, her hairstyle is similar in length and form to that of the Cruella we know from 101 Dalmatians. Her nails also look similar to those of that version of the character.

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Estella was born with her characteristic two-tone hair, but it makes her feel alienated. So he dyes them to match the surroundings. But over time, as she gains confidence, she goes back to basics. What do you think this movie says about the perception of beauty?

It’s about becoming yourself, about the strength needed to accept who we are and stop hiding. There is a moment in this movie when Estella’s helpers want her back to her red hair, and she says, “No, that’s who I am now.” She gained true subjectivity. Beauty is being comfortable in your own skin. MAC releases cosmetics to the market Cruella Collectionto answer the question: “Who do you want to be today?” Don’t let yourself be pigeonholed, appreciate your beauty.

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