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Tradition dictates it: on New Year’s Eve you wear something red. A custom that has its roots in Chinese culture, which sees red as the color of luck, prosperity and good fortune, and which reaches up to the 21st century full of legends, myths and beliefs. You can believe it or not, but no one really has the courage to disobey an age-old creed. Who does it in secret, wearing red underwear, hidden by layers of clothes and sequins, and who, on the contrary, creates the entire look around this color to celebrate New Year’s Eve. A fiery red dress, which remains imprinted in the minds of those present, which stands out from the crowd. For New Year’s Eve 2023, the inspiration for the red dress comes directly from the most iconic protagonists of the world of cinema: from Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge! to the ethereal Kate Winslet who as Tula in Romance & Cigaretteswears a red dress that is the spokesperson for slits and necklines.

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The red dresses to copy on New Year’s Eve to the movie stars

When a red dress appears on screen, it’s hardly for any moment. Even more so if Nicole Kidman is wearing it as Satine in Moulin Rouge!. A bodice and a fluffy skirt that earned the costume designers of the film Catherine Martin and Angus Strathie an Oscar. For a New Year’s Eve 20220 to remember.


The red dresses to copy on New Year’s Eve to the movie stars

Named the hottest anti-hero ever, Cruella played by Emma Stone – but even Glenn Close’s version was not lacking in sloppiness – is the quintessence of British Haute Couture. Her red dress, which has that vague McQueen allure, is eccentric, long, mermaid and unbeatable. For an extraordinary New Year’s Eve 2022.


The red dresses to copy on New Year’s Eve to the movie stars:

Dynamic and hilarious, Kate Winslet is extremely sensual in the role of Tula in the film – which then turns into a musical – Romance & Cigarettes. Her red dress, complete with cigarette, is a mix of fabrics and necklines. Certainly bold, certainly for those who appreciate latex. For an extreme New Year’s Eve 2022.


The red dresses to copy on New Year’s Eve to the movie stars

Anyone who makes sequins a creed more than an accessory to be worn on different occasions cannot do without wearing the iconic – an adjective used unfairly most of the time, but in this case it would not be possible to describe it in any other way – red dress worn from Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in Men prefer blondes. Very low-cut and very high-cut, it still remains elegant, in the length and in the long sleeves. For a bright New Year 2022.


The red dresses to copy on New Year’s Eve to the movie stars

And who but her, Julia Roberts in her Opera dress in pretty woman, as inspiration for a Gala evening on New Year’s Eve. In red velvet, with white gloves and shoulder pads down, hair tied back and red lipstick. The red dress that made history. For a New Year’s Eve dedicated to elegance, luxury and refinement.


The red dresses to copy on New Year’s Eve to the movie stars

She’s not an actual movie star, but she’s definitely a celebrity. Jessica Rabbit, the fictional femme fatale invented by Gary Wolf for the mystery novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit? and from which the film was made Who Framed Roger Rabbit, A forbidden dream of several generations and an icon of sensual fashion, her official uniform consists of a red strapless evening dress with sequins, a heart-shaped neckline and a high slit on the right thigh. All seasoned with dizzying stiletto heels and very elegant purple evening gloves. For a New Year’s Eve 2022 definitely dedicated to sexiness.

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