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Sesto Pusteria, Bolzano, on a torrid August. Dora was thirteen years old and is on the run of the house. Dressed in the clothing of a size more large, not to protect himself from the cold, but why his body is sinuous and lean, like that of certain girls who adore to look at himself in the mirror. Is blonde, has pigtails, such as those of Greta Thunberg, and, like her, has clear ideas about some very important things concerning the nature. He read many books, the myth, Dian Fossey, has seen a lot of documentaries, and his favorite movie is Into the Wildbut there are two specific reasons for which it is fleeing toward the woods, hidden from the parents. Because her mother has only told lies when he said that sooner or later she would become a beautiful butterfly, and why her father has said that love is not stuff for tredicenni. But she does not think so, especially when in the chat met a boy of nineteen years that he is called Christopher. Sharing the same passions, fighting the same war against anyone who defaces nature and kills animals. Together, they will save the nest of the lynx that are between the rocks and which is threatened by human intervention. Gert has prepared his plan, and his traps in detail. When he meets the young girl, and lead you where nobody can find it, where not even the eyes in the dark, and their emissaries will see it. He has learned well the lessons of his father, and Dora will become invisible. The disappearance puts in turmoil, the entire community of Sesto Pusteria. The command of the carabinieri, perhaps he is not ready for a man hunt so difficult and hard. During the research, then, is found the body of a man killed at point-blank range. What connection is there between him and the little Dora, and what might be the identity of her kidnapper? To be able to enter the dark of a mind, it has to be someone that in that darkness there has already been. Viktor Martini, sent in punishment from Rome to Sesto Pusteria, with that black, has a lot in common. But his methods are not the right ones, and his path to finding the peace of mind after what happened in Rome is still far from being concluded. The abduction of Dora looks a lot like the tip of a knife that opens a wound not yet healed…

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There is nothing worse than death”, says Gert. There are cages, there are eyes in the dark, there are injured animals, which are the most dangerous ones. And then there is the excruciating awareness of being insect-like in the center of a spider web in which the predator is still hidden. Luca D’andrea, putting together the pieces of the novel released in episodes on “the Republic” during the month of August 2019, gives life to a thriller environmentalist using the voice of a small Greta Thumberg south tyrol, Dora Mary Holler, who reads Thoreau, hates micro plastics, curses, Melville, and Hemingway, and remember every word uttered by Dian Fossey, the zoologist american who devoted his life to the study of the gorillas and was brutally murdered in Rwanda in 1985. The architecture of the novel recalls the original construction made up of separate episodes that, moving as the gears perfectly oiled, they in turn will operate the sprocket making the next to continue the story. The result is a narrative flow-paced, where one thing leads to another, until the circle closes on the final. The kidnapping of the little Dora, just as a portion of the trap and the spider web, is just one of the aspects of the dramatic The most dangerous animal; is only one of the shadows on which you will have to shed light. As the web grows, the image becomes a long shot that shows a long-term horizon, beyond the mountains of the Trentino, setting the favourite of the novels Of Andrea, and reaches up to Africa. There are many facets, so many aspects on which to dwell. The good man, the hero, generous, perhaps does not exist. Each of us puts in motion its black beast. This is demonstrated by the rescuers of Dora, who, the police must be stopped to avoid threatening the life of the little girl and their. The most dangerous animal is the man, for his unpredictability, and cynicism strategic. An animal that does not follow the logic of the instinct for survival and sustenance, but that it acts for revenge, replicating a lived tragic that subtracts from the man, indeed, humanity.

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