The most particular beauty trends launched on TikTok in 2022

Think you’ve seen them all? Maybe not: 2022 has been a year full of beauty trends, some more absurd and launched than others. For example, have you ever heard of crying make-up? Here are all the most particular beauty trends of 2022 launched on TikTok.

We are ready to greet the 2022a year full of news and revisions at least in the field beauty. Thanks to the increasingly intense use of TikTokusers have helped spread – and in some cases launch – several beauty trends, both on the make-up side and for skin care. And some of these could even be labeled “absurd,” but we like to use the term “particular.” Because these particular beauty trends really are.

Credits: Bella Hadid/Instagram – VelvetMag

For example, have you ever heard of the crying make up? Which, translated into Italian, could stand for “the make-up of crying“? Or yet another trend whose inspiration comes straight from catwalks of high fashion: do you know the model cheekbones? Having dimples like supermodels has been one of the latest trends blazing up TikTok and which will probably also accompany 2023. Let’s find out what the more particular beauty trends of 2022.

More particular beauty trends launched on TikTok in 2022

And to think that one of the most popular trends from TikTok is that of fake freckles, which went viral effortlessly but largely surpassed by other more interesting proposals. As the model cheekbones, that is to replicate the outlined and pronounced cheekbones of the top models on the catwalk. An inspiration that winks at the most glamorous names of the last decade on the catwalk, from Pretty and Gigi Hadid until Emily Ratajkowski. Replicating this precise aesthetic has become a mission for TikTok users, who have created several tutorials that have gone viral, where they show how to get model cheekbones using simply make-up products. It is a real and also successful replica, a contouring technique that refines the face and restores the cheekbones of a model.

beauty trends 2022
Credits: Bella Hadid/Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram – VelvetMag

A very similar trend is that of fake dimples, which we already mentioned some time ago. On TikTok in 2022 the dimple craze has become increasingly demanding and making them through make-up seems to be pretty simple. How to do? You choose a darker concealer than your skin tone, creating two curved lines on the sides of the mouth which you then blend with a brush. Another rather particular beauty trend of 2022 instead focuses attention on dark circles replica. Not all beauty trends are meant to last forever, like this one for example. Why would we want to replicate the dark circles effect, when instead the goal is to eliminate them?

beauty trends 2022
Credits: Nicola Peltz/Instagram – VelvetMag

In any case, TikTok users would have appreciated the effort, a trend that seeks to replicate dark circles under the eyes. And, staying on the subject of makeup, even the crying make up it went viral on social media. This particular trend refers to shiny skin after crying and, to replicate that effect, it seeks precisely to give more luminosity to the gaze, more swollen nose and lips. It spread drawing inspiration from Bella Hadidwhich has shown its fragility on social media, or since Lizzo and Nicholas Peltz. This happens to be one of the most popular beauty trends among Generation Z and TikTok is teeming with it tutorials about. This suggests that it could also be one of the most followed in 2023.

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