the movie with Charlize Theron opens the BIF&ST

Bifest, bombshell - the voice of scandal

The film that combines three of the most important actresses of hollywood will arrive in Bari at the end of march. Here are all the details on Bombshell the Bif&st

It will be Bombshell – the voice of scandalthe film with Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie to open on the 21st of march the eleventh edition of the The Bif&st. The festival, this year dedicated to Mario Monicelli will take place in Bari from 21 to 28 march, and will host the Italian preview of the film by Jay Roach at the Teatro Petruzzelli, in the section Previews International.

Bombshell – The voice of scandal: the Italian trailer of the film with Margot Robbie

Bombshell – the voice of scandal it tells the story of women who have ousted the man who has helped create the most powerful and controversial media empire of all time, Fox News. Central to the story are three women, all very different, who decide to fight against a system of power and abuse, that it was undisturbed.

Charlize Theron: “the Bombshell does not avoid the scenes of sexual harassment”

In the film, the stars are Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, John Lithgow and Margot Robbie ( walking in the room with her Birds of Prey). The film is directed by Emmy award Jay Roach and is scripted by the Oscar-winning Charles Randolph.

Bombshell the voice of scandal is an exclusive for Italy’s Leone Film Group in collaboration with Rai Cinema, and will be in cinemas from march 26, with 01 Distribution.


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