The mullet is the short hair cut to try: word of celebrity

Fashionable and iconic, the mullet with short hair is a cut that has been depopulating for a couple of years, even among stars and celebs. Kindly borrowed from 80s, the mullet is wild, indomitable, rock but chic at the same time: it’s impossible not to fall in love with it. An androgynous and hybrid solution, full of character and original, which was proudly sported in the eighties: the mullet has always been the hairstyle of those who love dareof those who don’t take themselves too seriously and who want to impress their own look with their personality.

It is no coincidence that it is one of the iconic cuts of David Bowie, the quick-change and brilliant White Duke. The peculiarity of this cut lies in the length game, short in front, above and on the sides and long in back. We owe its great comeback to a rediscovery of the golden decade, the 80s, loved for their opulence and mood – also thanks to series such as Stranger Things, where we reviewed the original mullet of that era for example in the character of Billy. And today, even star like David Beckham And Rihanna can not resist the temptation of mullet with short hairespecially after that Miley Cyrus she wore it with so much grace and resourcefulness at the same time. Let’s find out inspo Seasonal and the celebs to imitate.

The stars who made the mullet great

david bowie

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In addition to the late David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust era, other stars contributed to the mullet’s fame. Let’s think about the wrestling star Hulk Hoganwho accompanied his career with his cut, or a Billy Ray Cyrus, with an iconic mullet that hasn’t left for decades. Not to mention John Travolta, who in Grease made generations of women fall in love with his tidy and jelly-rich mullet. In recent years, too Dolly Parton she ditched her cascade of blonde curls for a frayed mulletalways rigorously platinum-colored.

The “unsuspected” of the mullet

In addition to the actors and singers who made the mullet mainstream, there are others who sported it but don’t remember it. Let’s talk about the soccer player for example David Beckham, which in 2005 opted for a very short mullet. And what about Meryl Streep? The Oscar-winning actress from The Devil Wears Prada had just this cut a few years ago. And if you also remember Ellen DeGeneres, the very famous host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, at the beginning of her career wore the mullet – a frayed cut with airy bangs to say the least – while hosting nightly talk shows. Even Jared Leto, today so fond of his long and wavy hair, at the time of Fight Club he really had the mullet! Coming back to something more recent, it might surprise you to know that too Scarlett Johansson he wore the mullet. Marvel’s goose that lays golden eggs in 2003 proudly wore her gold and disheveled mullet. Even Zendaya, who today enchants us with her cascade of brown hair, wore a mullet in 2016. Her version, honey-colored, smooth and super slim, obviously seemed designed specifically to enhance her flawless beauty.

Mullet 2.0: the celebs to keep an eye on

miley cyrus

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The unforgettable Bella from Twilight has recently sported a new haircut. Guess which one? Well yes, Kristen Stewart succumbed to the mullet! With her small and elongated face, she has given movement to her hair thanks to a similar solution. Choose a mullet with very short hair ragged and irregular to get the same result. Obviously the mullet of Miley Cyrus it’s been trending for years, and even though it’s now transitioned to a longer, more natural cut, it’s impossible to forget. His cut rock and bold it is perfect for those with i wavy hairwhich will frame the face giving it an almost angelic appearance. Camila Cabello she’s been experimenting with her hairstyle lately, and the mullet she’s chosen is long and barely mentioned. A perfect cut for those who want to try the mullet, without resorting to too drastic changes. The mullet of Demi Lovatoon the contrary, it is very short and shaped, with a decisive and intense profile. If you need a drastic change of look or say goodbye to ruined lengths, follow her example. Dua Lipa instead he opted for something softer, but playing with the color. In fact, she bleached the bangs and the upper strands, letting the contrast with the intense black of the rest of the hair do everything. Always in line with current trends, Billie Eilish it could only be included (also) in this ranking. She embraced the mullet for regrow hair well, as a result of damage due to frequent discolouration – example to be followed immediately. We close with the mullet of Barbie Ferreirathe Euphoria star, who chose a mullet with short hair and fringe which is absolutely chic and perfect for frame the face.

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