The New Craving of Georgina Rodríguez in Which She Spent … a Million!

Argentina does not stop in costs when it comes to whims.

The Georgina Rodríguez model increases her popularity every day, and it is now she who wants to reach the top of Instagram.

Talent, beauty, and eagerness to succeed are the main characteristics of Georgina who has now decided to take over a new whim.

And it has become clear that in the family, it is not only Christian who exercises at all hours, Rodriguez has become her best company and also does it at all times.

For this to happen, the model has set its conditions and for this reason it has seemed like a new machine that has become a jewel in the fitness world and that you use celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Jennifer Aniston, among others.

“Megaformer” is the name of this luxurious machine created 15 years ago and that allows toning more easily and that Cristiano’s girlfriend has not hesitated to acquire it.

Fitness professionals recommend the machine world is only the scope of the wealthiest, it has a market value of 10 billion euros, a price that has not hesitated to spend Argentina.

Georgina Rodríguez has become a capricious and to be the best model she has to train, her desire to succeed is great for this reason she will not stop at the costs to achieve it.

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