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The protagonist of the sixth episode of the Ducati World Première, the web event that launches the new 2023 products of Borgo Panigale, is the Diavel. That she changes the engine, passing from the V2 to the V4, and that she brings with her many other interesting things

October 28, 2022

TOseen at the beginning of September during road tests, the Ducati Diavel V4 was officially unveiled today in the sixth round of the web series World Première that Ducati has dedicated to the presentation of the 2023 models. This was the penultimate appointment before the one scheduled for Monday 7 November which will close the series.

Then the bikes will be exhibited at EICMAto which Ducati returns after a year’s absence.

THEThe video above shows the presentation made by Ducati

Dare to be Bold is the claim that Ducati has chosen this time, dedicated to a bike that – with the words that come from Bologna – it wants to be “Exciting, bold and surprising. Ready to attract every eye “.

Lhe new Diavel V4 will be available in the classic red Ducati at the price of 26,390 euros or in black gloss Thrilling Black a 26,690 euros. The Diavel 1260S was on sale for 24,690 euros.

The style is muscular, gritty, with broad shoulders and four-way exhaust on sight, which declare the architecture of the engine.

Like the first V2, the Diavel V4 is inspired by the world of muscle car and, in the profile view, it re-proposes the image of an athlete ready to shoot at the starting blocks.

There new signature of the optical groups front and rear is double C and the turn signals are full LEDs. The front DRL light changes shape, with a double C profile, an evolution of the previous design. In an original way, the rear light unit is signed by a dot-like LED matrix housed under the tail; also in this case the optical signature makes the bike immediately recognizable.

G.them direction indicators dynamic they are integrated in the handlebar, in front of the reservoirs of the brake and clutch hydraulic controls.

It is confirmed is the impressive rear tire from 240 / 45-17, another distinctive element of the Diavel Ducati. The wheels are in light alloy with five spokes, with a profile embellished with machined surfaces.

And in the image of the bike, as well as in characterizing its performance, the engine, which abandons the V2 1260 desmo with variable valve timing for the V4 Granturismo already adopted by the Multistrada V4.

With his 1.158 of the Italian Civil Code provides 168 horsepower at 10,750 rpm and with the maximum torque of 12.8 kgm (0.5 more than the Multistrada version) at 7,500 rpm it is capable of combining linearity at low speeds with a sustained torque over the entire range of delivery.

THEThe V4 Granturismo (derived from the Desmosedici Stradale of Panigale V4 and Streetfighter V4) has thecounter-rotating crankshaftthe order of the outbursts Twin Pulse and has the most important maintenance interventions at 60,000 km.
It is efficient in terms of consumption and emissions thanks to the extended deactivation system: the functionality that turns off the rear row when the vehicle is stationary and even when driving at low engine speeds in case of low engine load.
The extended deactivation system of the rear cylinders, which allows the engine to operate as a twin or four cylinder with an imperceptible transition, generates a variation in the tone of the exhaust noise when switching from one mode to another: a deeper sound when only the two front cylinders are active, at higher frequencies when all four cylinders are in operation.


Lhe new Diavel V4 has a curb weight of 223 kgi.e. 13 kg (5 on the engine 8 on the vehicle) compared to the Diavel 1260 S.

The chassis includes an inverted fork with 50 mm stems and a patterned central rear shock absorber cantileverboth fully adjustable.
The braking system relies on double front discs 330 mm and Brembo Stylema calipers radial. The peak deceleration values ​​are 11.5 m / s, a value that generally characterizes racing bikes.

D.aside from it, the 240/45 rear tire and the dedicated gear ratios allow you to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds.

The driving position sees the saddle at only 790 mm from the ground, the central footrests and a handlebar that is 20 mm high and closer together than the Diavel 1260 for greater ease of use when maneuvering.
Comfort is improved over the Diavel 1260 thanks to the rear suspension with stroke increased by 15 mm and to the wider and better profiled saddle.

S.eduta more spacious also for the passenger: its footrests fold under the tail and the rear telescopic handle is also retractable. Thanks to the passenger seat cover, supplied as standard, the Diavel V4 is thus quickly transformed from a two-seater to single-seater.

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