The New Facet of Natti Natasha That Left Everyone Surprised Do You Leave the Music?

Natti Natasha

The Dominican has surprised all her followers with this new talent.

The singer Natti Natasha, has published a video on her social networks that have left more than one surprised because the Dominican is making a new facet in her life that nobody expected.

The video posted on Natti Natasha’s personal Instagram accounts already totals 1.5 million views and more than 2,000 comments on the singer’s new action.

And it is that the artist changed the microphone and the stage, for the dresses and the catwalks, where she walked leaving more than one of those present with her mouth open for the good she does.

“What a special experience to be able to parade in the @theblondsny show! I felt like a supermodel who thinks all this Tumbao ‘? “Is the message left the singer with the publication.

In Natti’s video, she wears a pink dress that looks pretty good and her way of walking draws everyone’s attention as it looks in the background to all attendees recording it.

Undoubtedly, the Dominican artist draws attention to all facets that she intends to do and is that she does not do it wrong.

Natti Natasha seeks to continue as one of the most important references in urban music and performing this type of action expands its popularity.



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