The new Ford Ranger officially. The large V6 engine is just one of many highlights

The new Ford Ranger will probably arrive in Poland at the beginning of 2023, and its production and collection of orders will start in 2022. So there is a lot of time left until the market premiere, but we already know quite a lot about the new pickup and it promises to be very interesting. And it’s not just about the looks that will definitely make the Ranger stand out on the street. It clearly resembled the larger F-150, and this comparison should be treated as a great compliment. Underneath the new body is an upgraded chassis with a 50mm longer wheelbase and 50mm wider track than the previous Ranger

The new generation with the 3.0 V6 engine

By far the most important novelty will be the new, large engine. Ford itself admits that customers wanted to be able to choose more power and torque, useful when towing heavy trailers and extreme off-road. The offer will therefore include a three-liter V6 turbodiesel, the power and torque of which will be known closer to its debut.

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The 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged engine generates high performance. When you drive the Ranger with a V6 turbo engine, it feels like a much larger truck. And it gives the impression of being really durable in the sense that you have enormous power and torque at your disposal, which is exactly what our customers expected

said Pritika Maharaj, Ranger Program Manager. Two-liter inline four-cylinder diesel engines with one turbocharger or BiTurbo will also be available. We are still waiting for the exact numbers. The manufacturer also promises improved driving characteristics and reveals some details.

Ford Ranger 2022Ford Ranger 2022 photo by Ford

The first press release focused, inter alia, on on the 50 mm forward axle, which will improve the approach angle, and the wider track to improve off-road performance. The rear suspension shock absorbers have also been moved beyond the frame rails, which improves comfort, both when driving on a paved road and regardless of the car’s load. There will be a choice of two four-wheel drives – with electronic engagement of both axles while driving, or a new, advanced permanent four-wheel drive system with “set and forget” mode.

In the new generation Ranger, we have increased the scope of the possibility of changing parameters to give our customers the best in such different conditions of use – we treat it as the Built Ford Tough Plus – so everyone has the efficiency, durability and durability for which Ford trucks are known, and at the same time comfort and traveling conditions more similar to driving a passenger car, which was typical for the Ranger model

Graham Pearson, program director of Ranger, emphasized. And the fact that the driver will have the feeling of driving a passenger car, not a utility car, is best seen in the photos of the interior presented.

Ford Ranger 2022Ford Ranger 2022 photo by Ford

Many drivers often think of a pickup truck as a simple workhorse. However, cars of this type, although still brave in the field and intended for the toughest tasks, have been impressive for a long time. In higher versions, which customers eagerly reach for, they resemble passenger cars.

The Ford Ranger is equipped with the latest SYNC4 multimedia system that can be operated by voice commands to control communication, entertainment and information systems. In addition, the factory fitted FordPass Connect Modem allows you to communicate with the world on the go when connected to the FordPass App. The middle, vertical display is 10.1 or as much as 12 inches, and classic clocks can replace the virtual ones. Also, the level of workmanship and the materials used are to be at a high level.

Ford Ranger 2022Ford Ranger 2022 photo by Ford

The maneuvering of the large pickup truck will be assisted by the 360-degree camera system, which facilitates parking in tight urban spaces or helps to overcome difficult terrain during cross-country rides. You can also view all the information you need while driving off-road, and monitor the driveline, steering angle, lean and roll angles and other parameters and settings on the screen. When driving on paved roads, the driver will, of course, be assisted by appropriate assistants.

The interior is versatile and was designed to be a dual purpose – for work and recreation. The new short-stroke e-shifter is the focal point of the driver’s workplace and is another example of how customers really influenced our decisions. Most customers liked the e-shifter, liked the fact that it looked technically advanced and that it was intuitive to use

– comments Max Tran, Ranger’s lead designer. We look forward to our first ride in the new Ford Ranger. A very strong premiere is coming. It is a pity that we will wait more than a year for the new version of Poles’ favorite pickup truck.

Ford Ranger 2022Ford Ranger 2022 photo by Ford

Ford Ranger 2022Ford Ranger 2022 photo by Ford

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