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The Putin who is bombing a children’s hospital today is Putin himself who sat in the civil fora of the world where he was received with all honors? Because if the answer is “yes” then no Italian or foreign politician, right or left, can be saved from the accusation of having been a friend of a criminal. If, on the other hand, it is admitted that today’s Putin is a different person who has gone mad or has thrown off his mask and shown his true face, then why blame only Matteo Salvini for his old sympathy and admiration for the Russian leader?

A fucking war.  Luciana Littizzetto, the disaster in front of Fazio's face: what you forget

Moreover, when the accusations come from those on the left who are the heir to a political tradition, communism, which from the tyrants of Moscow with bloodstained hands has received illegal economic support and aid without which the history of the European left would be was quite different. From Prodi to Letta, from Renzi to Berlusconi all our politicians of rank have dealt with Putin amicably during his previous life and in different ways and forms there has never been a lack of praise for him. To Salvini this alone cannot be forgiven, if I understand correctly, for a matter of look. Yes, because it is one thing to go and shake Putin’s hand with a smile in favor of photographers in dark double-breasted clothes, it would be quite another to wear a T-shirt with his effigy. If we want to throw it on the form there is no doubt, better the double-breasted one of those horrible and ridiculous t-shirts that the Northern League leader unfortunately loves to show even if he were a suburban peasant in an ultra version.

How things really went.  Mariupol, Porro on the bombed hospital: who is lying?

But on the substance, please, let’s not joke and raise your hand who until a few years ago did not consider Putin a statesman, at most to be sanctioned (but not too much) for some of his excesses and excesses in quelling dissent. Having said therefore that in my opinion Salvini should give up, for his protection and for future reference, dangerous clothing for those who aspire to lead a country like Italy, I find it further ridiculous that on the left politicians and opinion leaders are turning this Bakun, the mayor of Przemysl, into a hero of freedom who refused to meet the Northern League leader on a humanitarian visit to Poland precisely because of his past Putinian sympathies. Probably Letta and his associates did not know that Bakun is the leader of a party of the extreme right, hyper sovereign and nationalist which in comparison Salvini is a little lamb. Everyone chooses the heroes he wants, mine are neither Putin nor Bakun. As with clothing, it is a matter of taste.

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