The new Kia Niro unveiled. It has changed beyond recognition and it is more eco

During the Seoul Mobility Show Kia showed the new generation of Nirowhich, in accordance with the current trends, is to bring the brand even closer to building an ecological future, as well as responding to the complex needs of customers who care about sustainable development. When viewed from the outside, a new model has little to do with its predecessor.

At first glance, you can see that the design is consistent with the concept of Habaniro, presented in 2019, although as you might have guessed, the manufacturer spared the production version of the lifting door. On the other hand, the front is dominated by a “tiger face” with LED headlights, characteristic of all new Kii models, which gives the Niro a pugnacious edge. The fenders were also more heavily scratched, and the the vertical rear lights are integrated into the wide black painted C-pillars.

The new Kia Niro

Inside, a lot has changed as well, and it’s not just about styling. The cockpit has been practically taken over from the electric EV6, which means that we are dealing with a curved board and two screens (digital clocks and a multimedia display) hidden under one surface. Koreans abandoned most of the physical buttons in favor of touch panels, except for the air conditioning knobs.

Kia also emphasizes the ecological character of the interior – materials for finishing come from recycling, for the upholstery of the seats used, among others eucalyptus leaves, and the paint used for the door panels is benzene, toluene and xylene free.

The new Kia Niro

As for the drive, Kia did not reveal much about it. It is only known that Niro will be available so far as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electrician e-Niro. In addition, it is supposed to be a novelty in hybrids Greenzone Drive Modewhich will automatically change the driving mode to fully electric when the system recognizes the entrance to the green zone and areas such as the vicinity of schools, hospitals or densely built-up areas. Of course, as long as the battery level allows it. The driver will also be able to designate such zones yourselfand the system will operate based on the navigation.

We still have to wait for more details. The market debut of the new Kia Niro is scheduled for beginning of next year.

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