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The new Kurt Angle in WWE: “Helping the young to hurt less, here’s how”


Kurt Angle retired at WrestleMania 35 but immediately stated clearly that he wanted to continue contributing to the WWE. And during a recent interview granted to the ‘Chicago Tribune,’ he also explained how.

“I help to structure the matches that young talents play – declared the Olympic Hero -. My task is simply to evaluate and give professional feedback on the work of the wrestlers, helping them to perform in the best way.

The most important thing is to start from the basics, understanding what is the best way to be hit without getting hurt. During our career we suffer many blows, but if at the beginning of our career we exaggerate this is likely to significantly shorten our career.

Respecting your body and your body from this point of view is an important help, what I do is to help young people understand the best way to do it “It is said by someone who has won an Olympic medal” with a fucking broken neck “surely there is no better person for such a task.

It should also be remembered that Kurt Angle had to fight during his long career in wrestling with bad injuries that also caused him to fall into the abyss of painkillers and then alcohol and drugs: having long since archived that dark phase of his existence, a similar experience can certainly be very useful for young wrestlers.



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