The new must-have smartphone app! Every driver has to install it

The government and ministries are doing their best to make our cars as green as possible. Today’s gasoline or diesel is much cleaner than a few years ago, but as you can see, new ways to make driving greener appear all the time. The new experimental Vienna mobile app predicts… a green wave! What does that really mean?

Gasoline and Diesel – you will save a lot of money!

diesel red light

Significant emission reductions are key to tackling the climate crisis. This time, however, the smartphone application will help drivers reduce the fuel consumption of their cars, and also travel much faster. With the current prices of gasoline or diesel fuel, it may turn out to be a bull’s eye!

Austria’s capital city of Vienna is making every effort to achieve its goals. In addition to the development of public transport, the development of car sharing services and the promotion of electromobility, Vienna also places particular emphasis on digitization. Every driver who wants to save time and reduce fuel consumption must absolutely install this application!

Intelligent and interconnected traffic management systems not only increase safety, but also make transport greener. Continuous driving is facilitated, so the amount of harmful substances released into the air from gasoline or diesel engines is much smaller. The pilot project “Verhehrsmanagement 2.0” was initiated by the City of Vienna and Kapsch TrafficCom to build the system.


Your smartphone like a siren

As part of the program, the mobile application “Grune Welle Wien” has already been created, which can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 15%. During the test phase, the application will be connected to 75 traffic lights on the busiest roads. They will cover 17 kilometers along the Danube.

The application can be used not only by drivers but also by cyclists. All this to track the speed at which they should travel to reach the next green light. The app also shows how long the lights ahead will remain red.

This way, driving is more energy-efficient, and the fuel consumption of our cars decreases. If the test is successful, all 600 traffic lights on major traffic routes will be covered by digital traffic management in the coming years.

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