The New Mutants on the Disney+? Unlikely


The Marvel Studios and Disneyin the new calendar of the outputs of the securities to the MCU and of the originals of the study, have not entered The New Mutants. The show would have had to disembark on April 2 in the movie theaters, but the coronavirus has disrupted the plans. An output on Hulu or Disney+ it seemed the obvious solution for the film, but in reality there is another problem that excludes the two hypotheses: HBO. Eight years ago, 20th Century Fox and the issuer, the us had signed a long-term agreement for the exclusive rights to stream movies from Fox.

The New Mutants is linked to HBO

The agreement sees the show bound to HBO up to 2022, in american territory. This is also the reason why X-Men: The Dark Phoenix it is not landed on Disney+ along with the other projects. The distribution in video-on-demand could be an option to Disney might make use if only not meant to have it finish immediately on HBO Max streaming once launched on VOD. In practice, Disney may wait and find a new slot film or distribute it on VOD and leave the HBO the opportunity to pass it on.

Remember that The New Mutants it is set in an isolated hospital where a group of young mutants is locked up for psychiatric treatment. Following episodes are weird, their new abilities, mutants, and their friendship will be put to the test, while trying to escape. Are part of the cast Anya Taylor-Joy in the role of Into a Rasputin/Magik, Henry ┼Żaga who will play Sunspot. In addition to Maisie Williams, who will be Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane and Charlie Heaton, to which was entrusted the part of Cannonball. Among the producers there are, instead, Simon Kinberg, and Karen Rosenfelt. The film is the thirteenth film in the universe the X-Men and the film adaptation of the comic series Marvel the New Mutants. Director Josh Boone has explained, in an interview, that you wanted to be among the protagonists Antonio Banderas.

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