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Thanks to trends like 90s lip makeup, lip overlining and various TikTok hacks to make the mouth look bigger, the pencil is experiencing a moment of great glory in the world of make-up. To be used to experiment with playing with shape of the lipscreating, for example, small wings at the cupid’s bow or an oval in the central section of the lips, the pencil is the protagonist of one of the latest trends that are making the rounds on the web, in which design and beauty meet to give life to a very special makeup. Designed by make-up artist Ana Takahashi for the Chopova Lowena spring summer 2023 show, the Pillow Lips they create specularity between the upper and lower lip, which thus takes on the characteristic “M” shape of the center of the mouth, overturning it.

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Pillow Lips: the fall 2022 pencil lip makeup

The first Pillow Lips However, the most talked about in the world of make-up were not those created by Ana, but rather the large, thick and voluminous ones by Angelina Jolie. Soft and plump “like a pillow”the lips of Brad Pitt’s ex-wife are to all intents and purposes the inspo that TikTok also looks to to convert the very defined and particular makeup made for the Chopova Lowena show in an everyday go-to. To explain how to update the look is August, the model and make-up addict who made “vampire skin” go viral, in a video tutorials in which it shows step by step how to make pillow lips.

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With a nude pencil a few tones darker than the lip color, the secret to accomplish this trick is to divide the central part of the mouth into four sections, drawing a vertical line exactly in the middle and tracing the contours of the lips. These four sections must then be individually “filled” first with concealer, then with a nude lipstick and finally with a gloss, making sure to always leave the nuance with the pencil evident, which is responsible for the success of the make-up.

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