The new queen of pop: Taylor Swift, artist of the decade before 30


In the 2018 edition of the American Music Awards, Taylor Swift, the performer of the popular song “Shake it off” became the female artist with the most statuettes: she reached 24 in total, surpassing by three the second ranked in the list, the late Whitney Houston. Therefore, this edition of the AMA, held a week ago, was special for the former former country artist: it could match Michael Jackson, the most awarded artist in the AMA, which is delivered based on the preferences of the public, winning only one of the five awards to which she was nominated.

He had enough: Swift surpassed the King of Pop taking the awards for pop album and artist of the year, and incidentally, with the record (and 29 statuettes in total) under his arm, he was named artist of the decade, a title that he places himself in a position of honor shared with icons such as Elvis Presley (1950), The Beatles (1960), Stevie Wonder (1970) and Jackson himself (1980), who was also honored as the “artist of the twentieth century” during the AMAs of the year 2002.

“Any of the artists who are here want to create things that last, whatever it is,” said the singer to collect his recognition, on which he stressed “to celebrate a decade of art, hard work, fun and memories.”

“This industry is very rare, you go up and then down, sometimes you feel bad about yourself, but there are people who always support you. Thanks to the fans who have been with me for 15 years, ”he added before acknowledging that the last year“ has been complicated ”: the eyes were on Swift’s performance and speech for another reason, because of a series of legal problems With her old musical label the artist does not own the rights of her old recordings.

But finally, both parties managed to reach an agreement “in extremis” and Swift could remember on stage his greatest successes in a performance that celebrated his successful musical career and in which he was accompanied by the Latin Camila Cabello and Halsey to sing together ” Shake It Off. “

It was a coronation ceremony for Swift, which seems to have taken Madonna’s pop queen throne and her natural successor, Beyonce, much less active than the lace. A success that was in the minds of her parents when she was born on December 13, 1989: they decided to call her Taylor, by actor James Taylor, thinking that if she had a gender-neutral name, it would help her forge a career in the world of business, to which his father, Scott Kingsley Swift, an advisor in a well-known US financial institution was engaged.

But Swift had other concerns: after flirting with horseback riding, he began to participate in the world of musical theater, participating in performances of “Grease” and “The Rebel Novice” since preteen, and, since then, music was a central part in his life .

Swift began attending singing and performing classes in New York, although he was not very successful in the auditions he was doing in the city. Until he decided to try country music, this genre gave him his first small victory: he won a local talent show performing a LeAnn Rimes song.

With 12 years he started with the guitar and at 14, with the composition. At that age he moved to Nashville, one of the country’s cribs, with a contract under his arm. A year later he left the record company that had offered it to him, because they wanted him to interpret the songs of other composers and she was sure of his material.

As if it were a movie, Swift’s luck changed when producer Scott Borchetta noticed it at an event in a cafeteria. In 2006, the singer’s first album, which bore her name, saw the light. Since then, he has increasingly turned away from the country in favor of pop and has filled his showcases with important prizes. Among them, ten Grammy.


But the brighter the spotlights, the more pronounced the shadows and, in this case, Swift has had to face some.

One of the most talked about controversies was the one that he maintained, via Twitter, with Nicki Minaj, in 2015. That year, the rapper did not obtain any nomination for the MTV awards and downloaded her frustration on the social network with a message that seemed to offend Swift .

Minaj wrote “if your video throws a clear message of apology to skeletal girls, you will undoubtedly be nominated for video of the year.” Swift replied: “I have done nothing but love and support you. It is improper for you to face women. Maybe one of the men took your place. ” The fight ended with an apology from Swift for misunderstanding the rapper’s message.

This year, Swift and also singer Katy Perry have publicly ended an enmity of more than five years. The tightness arose with the Swift tour in 2013, when it allegedly robbed Perry of some of the dancers who used to perform with her. Although, according to Perry in the James Corden program, the problem came when these dancers wanted to return to Perry and the Swift producer fired them.

“I tried to talk to her about it, but she didn’t want to. It closed completely, ”said the singer of the famous song“ Roar ”.

In another of his “wars,” Swift faces the couple formed by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. All a soap opera with chapters of which, in his own words, “I never wanted to be part”.

It all started in 2009, when Swift’s video of the song “You belong with me” won the MTV award for the best of the year. When he was giving his speech, West snatched the microphone and said that the video of Beyoncé, that of “Single ladies”, another of the candidates, was one of the best videos in history.

Since that time, the trenches of this war have been full of apologies, of acceptions of apologies, of songs dedicated to the other, of a video in which a naked Swift doll (accompanied by other characters), of passive reactions is used- aggressive, accusations, insults and star appearances of Kim Kardashian, West’s wife and defender. For now, they don’t seem to bury the battle ax.

Beyond personal insults with other celebrities, Swift has also had to deal with other controversies. For example, for the “Shake it off” video, she was accused of influencing the cultural differences of white and black Americans. Some, like rapper Earl Sweatshirt, found it offensive.

It also transcended an episode in which, according to an American media, the singer took over the part of the coast where her mansion is located, in Rhode Island.

According to various reports, every time Swift wanted to bathe, he had his security team evict the bathers who were there. Something to which he was not entitled since that plot of coastline was public and, therefore, freely accessible.

Be that as it may, with controversy or if she, Swift is already listed in the history of world music as one of the best, and all this, without having entered the thirties.

300 million

of dollars is your estimated fortune.


The age at which the Grammy won the record of the year, for “Fearless”.

3 times

His albums sold a million copies in the first week. She is the only artist to achieve it.

6 discs

Including “Lover”, released this year, they became number 1 on the Billboard list.




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