The new Suzuki S-Cross is here. It costs 13 thousand. PLN more and it’s just a facelift

The body is the same, the styling is similar, the concept of the car is unchanged, the dimensions are the same as in the predecessor, down to the millimeter. Boot capacity, wheelbase, turning radius, etc. Even the driveline or the engines do not make any significant changes. I was expecting a new model and we got a facelift.

It must be admitted, however, that the new Suzuki S-Cross actually looks new and I think it is much nicer than its predecessor. Cosmetic changes in the interior made the The 9-inch multimedia screen went higher and is now easier to read. However, here too, with a candle, you can look for some kind of revolution. Unless in the aforementioned screen, because the press photos show a nice, completely new multimedia interface.

Suzuki S-Cross

It will be installed under the hood 1.4 BoosterJet gasoline engine working in a mild hybrid system with a 10 kW generator. The maximum power of the unit is 129 HP. It can be combined with front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive – the classic Allgrip. We won’t find anything new on the gearbox list – it’s a 6-speed manual or automatic.

It’s a pity, maybe not?

Highly guarded, hidden and shown online, the “new” Suzuki model is actually a facelift. It is a pity that the reports I wrote about at the beginning of November did not come true. It was supposed to be a hybrid, there was to be a new engine, there was to be a new gearbox and driving on the same current. Of course, Suzuki didn’t promise anything like that, so I can’t blame it.

Suzuki S-cross

From the point of view of a typical Suzuki customer, that’s probably enough. He does not expect fireworks when he comes to the brand’s showroom. It expects simple solutions in an unobtrusive package. And he will get it.

Suzuki S-Cross price in Poland

Unfortunately, it will get a much higher price. According to the importer’s price lists the car is to cost from PLN 97,500. That’s about 13 thousand. PLN more than the pre-lift model. The 4WD version starts from PLN 111,500, and with an automatic system – from PLN 110,500. If you want to have both, you have to pay a minimum of PLN 119,500.

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