The new version of “Bajer z Bel-Air” finally has a lead role. Here is the new “Will Smith”

new version "Bajera from Bel-Air" finally has a lead actor.  Here is the new one "Will Smith"

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The new version of “Bajer z Bel-Air” finally has a lead role. Here is the new “Will Smith”

This is the lead actor in the new version of Bajer from Bel-Air

Series “Bel-Air” found his Will. He will be played by him raised in Philadelphia (similar to Will Smith) Jabari Banks, for which the production will be a television debut. The youngster will play the role of the hero played in the 90s by Will Smith, and the new production from Peacock is to be a bit more serious reboot of the cult “Bajer z Bel-Air”.

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This Will Smith gave Banks good news in an official video that hit YouTube on Peacock. You will see them below:


The series is based on Morgan Cooper’s fan film, which moves the events from the original to “dark” modern times. The hour-long episodes will be produced by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Westbrook Studios and Universal Television. Distribution will be handled by the Peacock platform, and ordered in September 2020 as many as two seasons of production.

The creators of the series will be TJ Brady and Rasheed Newson, who previously worked on “The 100” and “The Chi”, while mentioned Morgan Cooper he will direct new episodes as well as executive producer and co-writer.

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The new series builds on the same idea as the original: Will’s life will be turned upside down when the teen hits from the cold streets of West Philadelphia to the hot palaces of Bel-Air. However, this is where the similarities end, as the developers want to fully develop the emotional issues, conflicts, and prejudices that can arise from such a massive change in environment.

The developers promise, however, that they want to conclude lots of references to the original series, keeping characteristics of the main characters.

For now, the release date “Bel-Air” is not known.

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