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The choice to use the masculine is not new for Meloni who was already the president of Fratelli d’Italia. The former president of the Senate Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati had also renounced the feminine

The president or the president? Giorgia Meloni, since her first official acts, has chosen to identify herself as the prime minister. A choice that is now reiterated (and strengthened) in a note from the secretary general of Palazzo Chigi Carlo Deodato in response to a specific question raised by the chamber and the Senate. The letter also sent to all ministries clarifies that the correct title to use the President of the Council of Ministers, Mrs Giorgia Meloni. The note was corrected shortly thereafter by excluding the wording “Mr.” in favor of the Prime Minister.

The choice to use the masculine is not new for Meloni who was already the president of Fratelli d’Italia. And at the time of being named the first woman to lead the government, she decided not to change this line. But she was also the one who renounced the feminine Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati of Forza Italia, former president of the Senate. A choice diametrically opposite to that of Laura Boldrini who wanted to be called the Speaker of the Chamber.

It is no coincidence that Boldrini was among the first to argue with Meloni on the failure to decline the roles of women: The first female premier calls herself a male, President. What prevents you from claiming her primacy in the language? Treccani says that the roles must be declined. Affirm the feminine too much for the leader of FDI, party that already in the name forget the Sisters?.

The president of theAccademia della Crusca, Claudio Marazzini: Female titles are always legitimate; those who use these feminine accept a historical process that is now well underway. Those who prefer traditional male forms, however, have the right to do so.

The RAI union also dealt with the issue, remarking the risk of a dangerous setback. The directions, we read in the note from Usigrai, are asking colleagues to use the masculine to indicate Giorgia Meloni’s new job, because she asked for it. Without prejudice to the freedom of each person to name himself as he sees fit, another thing is the journalistic story. No colleague can therefore be obliged to use the masculine, on the contrary Rai journalists are required to decline the names to feminine as we read.

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