The oldest woman in the world celebrates its 119th birthday. He loves chocolate and number puzzles

Kane Tanaka’s family claims that the woman was born on January 2, 1903, 11 years before the outbreak of World War I. The Japanese woman was recognized as the oldest living person in the world and entered into the Guinness Book of Records when she was 116 years old, that is, in 2019.

Kane Tanaka currently lives in a nursing home in Fukuoka, and although the 100-year-old cannot speak, she communicates with the staff through gestures. She loves chocolate and carbonated drinks.

Mrs. Tanaka married her 19-year-old cousin in 1922 and for several decades she ran with her husband noodle shop called Tanaka Mochiya, where the couple sold udon, rice cakes and zenzai.

Her husband and eldest son fought in the Second Sino-Japanese War that began in 1937.

At the age of 90, a Japanese woman of age underwent cataract surgery, at the age of 103, surgery for colorectal cancer. In 2020, she had five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren, the Times reported last year.

The media reports that last month, at the age of 135, the oldest person in history died. Alimihan Seyiti of Komuxerik, of Shule County in Xinjiang Uygur’s northwestern Autonomous Region, was to be born on June 25, 1886, during the Imperial Qing Dynasty.

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