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From the heart ofEuropean Union another declaration of war a Vladimir Putin. “The way out of the conflict is that Russia leaves Ukraine. This is the way out of the war. “It couldn’t be clearer than that, Sanna Marin. The young Social Democratic premier of the Finlandon the subject, is a “hawk”: it was she who led the country in Born, with the “lightning” request for membership after decades of neutrality, for fear of Russian expansionist aims across the border. And it is she, now, who plays the charge by shifting Europe more and more to warlike positions, putting the Russian president back to the wall.

Speaking at the informal European Council in Prague, the Finnish premier commented on the alarming and alarming statements of the American president Joe Bidenaccording to which the US is trying to understand what is a way out of the war for Putin, given that the risk of a “Nuclear Armageddon it is at its peak since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, when the United States and the USSR risked open war. A scenario that emerged today from Moscow, according to which if America and NATO continue to supply weapons to the Kiev government, direct military involvement by the West will be inevitable. And again from Prague, during the day, the president of the European Parliament Roberta Metsolaa Maltese member of the EPP, asked member countries to “supply Ukrainians with heavy weapons and tanks”, in response to the mobilization of Russian reservists.

The accelerated entry of Finland into NATO is functional to create an anti-Russian curtain in Eastern Europe, which in recent months has become a strategic-military bulwark. In this sense, the grievances made in recent months by the Turkey. “I discussed yesterday with the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan – revealed Marin herself -: she told me that Finland’s accession to NATO is not a problem “.” We have negotiated and we respect the agreements – she adds – we hope that Turkey will ratify our membership as soon as possible “.

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