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Vittorio Feltri, Lady Franchi and the soap makers

Feminists hate people who tell them the truth“. The attack at “Vikings of single thinking” comes from Vittorio Feltri. The director of Free he addressed them in no uncertain terms “idiots“. And he explained that many of the obtuse campaigns depend on the fact that they are “ugly“. The first reaction is that Vittorio Feltri is a late male chauvinistbut you have to know it “our dandy of Italian journalism“. I’ve worked on it “The newspaper“, When it happened to Indro Montanelli. And I can testify that you can rarely find a man like him, upright and just with journalists. The angry exit depends on the fact that Feltri hates vulgarity.

What has aroused such indignation? In the controversy another kind of “dominates“: Elisabetta Franchi, 53 years old, fashion entrepreneur with a turnover of 131 million euros, 15 mono-brand in Russiatherefore one iron lady. That is to say a woman who fights like a man, who uses a defined language “male chauvinist“And a style considered”despotic“. “I take women, put them on”Is used to declare without care to turn every role or label to the feminine. A no-nonsense manager Marisa Bellisario of his homonym world brand in the evanescent and billionaire sector of luxury. Although in his companies 80 per cent of those employed are womenat a conference of Sheetinterviewed by Fabiana GiacomottiElisabetta Franchi said: “When you decide to put a woman in one important chargeif it’s really a very prestigious place then you can’t afford not to see that person for two years. I often as an entrepreneur I bet on men. Today I have involved women, but those above a certain agethose “door”, because if they had to get married or have children they have already completed these steps “. This reasoning is anything but scandalous, but tighten up the past message was that at Franchi “they only hire anta women, because they have had children“. The commissioners of feminism have taken off with the truncheon unleashing an avalanche of accusations.

The result is that the owner was sued for anti-union behavior by the CGIL and had to face a concentric attack. Alessandro Gassmann led a boycott: “Customers under 40 stop buying its products.” The former minister Marianna Madia he stigmatized the release as “a sum of silly stereotypes”. Activist Cathy La Torre replied with the slogan “having a uterus is not a fault”. And Wild Lucarelli compared the intervention to “A speck of Checco Zalone“.

On the side of the Franks has drawn up with the sword his sister Catiawho outlined the simple origins of Elizabeth: fourth of five children, behind an iron mom who raised her own family and an astounding resume. Graduated with great sacrifice toAldrovandi Rubbiani Institute of Bolognathe entrepreneur here he took his first steps in fashion, supporting herself with odd jobs, such as the saleswoman, a profession that has taught her to pay attention to the taste and needs of consumers. Then an escalation of stages and titles up toexploit: her clothes and her style dress international celebrities of the caliber of Angelina JolieKate HudsonJessica AlbaEmily BluntJennifer LopezLady GagaKendall JennerDita Von TeeseKourtney Kardashianto name a few.

Would this be an enemy of women? Elisabetta Franchi’s reasoning on equality and career rests on the belief that women over “40” are to be preferred in top positions, especially for them, because they have already passed the turning point of marriage, of pregnancy And often of separation, stages that invest energy and succeed must not become stress, sacrifice, neurosis. “Late feminist accusations”Vittorio Feltri labeled them, claiming that in his experience the forties they are generally more balanced and capable. And the fifties more formidable than male colleagues. Then, with his well-known sarcasm of him, he concluded: “If, on the other hand, the problem is to make one fucked, then the age can go down to eighteen. If she fits “.

Feminism it was undoubtedly a process that rocked society, but when it ends in arrogant ideological cretinismas in this case, the foiled champions of equality reveal themselves, as well as foolishdangerous “soap makers of talent“.

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