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The pandemic of the new coronavirus has already made more than 40 million dead around the world. In accordance with the balance sheet published by the Johns Hopkins university, on the afternoon of Tuesday (may 31), is an 823 billion cases of the contamination of the covid-19, with 174 thousand people have recovered from the disease has begun.

In The United States there are already more deaths from the virus, which reported on the terrorist attacks of September 11,: you are 3.415 fatalities in a pandemic, as the events of the bombing in 2001, left 2.996 people dead (including the hostage-takers). In the state of New York is the worst affected, with almost half of the total deaths from the new virus in the united states: 1.550 victims.

Belgium he announced the death of the patient, the younger, for the sake of the new coronavirus in Europe: this is a 12-year old girl, who has not had the name revealed to them. The youngest person ever in the world to die as a result of the Covid-19 in the United States, with an infant less than one year of age, passed away on Saturday (28th).

Brazil The 201 deaths due to the pandemic of the new coronavirusaccording to the balance sheet published by the Ministry of Health, on the afternoon of Tuesday (may 31). On the whole, have been recorded 5.717 cases covid-as many as 19 in the country, with a mortality rate of 3.5%.

In the state of Bahia, is The 217 reported cases of the new coronavirusaccording to a bulletin released by the State Department of Health (Sesab), on the afternoon of Tuesday (may 31). Of these, el Salvador is concentrated in 132 cases have been confirmed, with around 60% of the entire state.

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The mayor of salvador, ACM Neto he announced the extension for another 15 days, the municipal ordinance, which suspended activities in public schools, private colleges, and universitiesin addition to the public parks and private institutions, cultural centers, autoescolas and schools. The earlier decree was valid until Wednesday (1).

The city of Ilhéus, in the Southern part of the state, recorded on Tuesday (31) in a further two cases, the Covid-19 – coming up to four people in it. Feira de Santana also has a contaminated.

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